3D PageFlip Releases FAQ Page on Theme Designs


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2013 --3D PageFlip announces that they have released a FAQ page on their website with regard to designing a theme. 3D PageFlip is a company that provides 3D eBook tools. The main product of the company is 3D PageFlip Professional, which is a flipbook creator intended to make eBook that has three-dimensional effects. The software contains a lot of pre-designed themes. However, a lot of users like to design personalized eBook themes. Hence, the company releases a straightforward tutorial webpage in order to educate users on how to create personalize designs on their themes.

Aside from the incorporated themes, the company releases themes on a weekly basis for free. Everyone can download and obtain free themes for making their eBooks. But, a lot of business owners always like to make exceptional themes for their own publications on eBook. Business owners need to make a one-of-a-kind background design which perfectly suits to their eBook, and they can be able to modify the color of the tool bar in order to create a screen-friendly theme. If needed, soft advertisements are embedded to the themes’ background. It appears that a certain theme can serve a lot of purposes.

The primary focus of 3D PageFlip is to provide different converters of 3D eBook in order to cover other formats of a document such as images, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. So, it is not a simple pdf to page flip converter. In addition, the company also provides 3D publications to their clients, which includes private and public companies, unions and organizations. The company believes that technology will help everyone and companies stay in touch with their clients as well.

The 3D PageFlip Professional of the company is the leading software in the industry. The 3D effect of 3D PageFlip is the most effective advantage and the 3D advancement in eBooks is the primary reason why 3D PageFlip has an advantage over their competitions. Everyone can make a wide range of 3D effects simply through the software. Besides flipbook creator for a fee, 3DPageFlip.com also provides free digital magazine software for people who have not enough budgets.

To get more information with regard to the flipbook software provided by 3D PageFlip, please visit their homepage at http://www.3dpageflip.com/. The software allows users to create eBooks with 3D effects. In addition, 3D PageFlip releases a FAQ page on their website to help everyone make a personalized theme on their eBook. To know the simple steps on how to create a theme, please visit this website http://www.3dpageflip.com/faq/19.Can-I-use-a-picture-to-make-a-theme-by-myself.html.