3D PageFlip Standard Giveaway Activity Is Ongoing and 10 Winners Will Be Picked Randomly

3D PageFlip Standard giveaway activity is ongoing. Ten winners will be selected once the giveaway has ended.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2013 --3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd, a reliable company that manufactures flip book pdf software programs for 3D flip book, recently announced that they are conducting a giveaway activity for their new 3D PageFlip Standard.

The company also added that the 10 licenses giveaway activity will last for seven days to June 26 and is open for all online users interested in it. 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd also said that everyone can take part in the activity and have opportunity to win a license for 3D PageFlip Standard for free. This opportunity will be granted to all interested individuals during the period of the announced giveaway activity.

3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd also declared that the license they will issue while the giveaway activity is ongoing will not include the technical support and other upgrade services. 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd expects that people will be encouraged to join the said ongoing activity and that they will never miss the chance to get these freebies.

The 3D PageFlip Standard is known to be a suitable product that can be used in making preparations for all digital publications publishing. With this particular program, people will be able to make their own books sharing online easily. This particular program comes with a capability to create and provide users with beautiful and informative contents in the easiest way. It can also help the users in transforming the all PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files into a flipping books. This feature seems to be the best option for most people. This will help them in making their books look perfect and successful.

It is expected that people will be aware about the on-going giveaway activity and that they are encouraged to join the said event to get the chance to have a copy of the software and free license.

About 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd
3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd is among the leading companies that offer software for those who want to make flip books. 3D PageFlip Standard is one of the products offered by this company. This product is an amazing tool used in creating flash-based contents using the three-dimensional feature of a real book with a 3D page spin page. 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd is located at Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.

To get more details about 3DPageFlip Software Co., Ltd, please feel free to click and visit its official website. There are other software programs available in this reliable manufacturing company that can answer various needs related to 3D PageFlip Standard.

To join the giveaway activity, visit http://www.tipradar.com/forum/Thread-Forum-Exclusive-3D-PageFlip-Standard-10-Licenses