3DPageFlip Newsletter Service: Inform Users of Latest Page Flip Software Information

Digital software publisher 3DPageFlip.com has announced a free newsletter that customers can subscribe to for the latest product information, including updates, new features and functions, and periodic discounts.


Guangzhou, GuangDong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2013 --A producer of 3D digital flipbook making software, 3DPageFlip.com has announced the availability of a free newsletter with information on its products. The company has been perfecting its software since 2008. Businesses and individuals now have numerous options for creating e-books out of PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, image, and other files. Popular products include 3D PageFlip Standard and 3D PageFlip Professional.

These software titles provide the means for anyone to create e-books with realistic page flipping effects. The 3D effects are also attractive, perfect for getting readers interested in the material or prospects to become customers. Flipbook software can be used to create e-books in addition to magazines, newsletters, product catalogs, and more with a number of multimedia effects.

With the newsletter, subscribers will receive the latest information on the company’s products. Included will be details on updates, new functions, and discounts when the periodically become available. Signing up for a subscription is safe and no personal information is given out to third parties; plus, subscribers can remove their names at any time. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter at http://www.3dpageflip.com/newsletter/.

The newsletter is used to inform readers of product news and promotions from 3DPageFlip.com. It is perfect for e-book authors, online publishers, and e-book enthusiasts who can benefit from discount and giveaway information. Users therefore have comprehensive information on the latest news from the company on the versatile digital publishing software.

Software tools include many options for including multimedia via an easy-to-use interface. Images, videos, backgrounds, photo albums, animated scenes, and more can be included to customize any e-book. Better yet, users have the option of outputting the finished product to a website, social media profile, email, or in mobile device format. Readers can spin the flipbook in 360 degrees and be engaged by panoramic backgrounds and animated scenes. The ability to add links makes any e-book an interactive tool for online marketing or simple entertainment.

While e-books can be uploaded in many ways, they can also be uploaded to the company’s online server. They do not need a website to publish works online. Additional functions and features will be available in the future, and the 3DPageFlip.com newsletter will provide the latest details on any updates the company releases.

About 3DPageFlip.com
Founded in 2008, 3DPageFlip.com is a page flip software develop company that has created 3D flipbook creating tools for businesses and individual consumers. The company’s software lets users convert PDF files and more into realistic e-books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, photo albums, and more. Dedicated customer service aids any user in better understanding the software and accepting feedback, while a digital newsletter provides up-to-date information on products.