3DPageFlip.com Announces Launch of 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.0


Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2013 --Flipbook creator provider, 3DPageFlip.com, has officially launched 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.0, a new version of the PDF to 3D flipping book conversion software that adds more features for users and viewers. It now allows users to create dynamic background scenes with their multimedia flipbooks. These graphics can help enhance the look and feel of the e-book and further build the brand that it represents, or simply better engage the viewers. Backgrounds can be precision graphics or high definition images and photographs.

In addition, the new version supports a zooming function in slideshow images. When slideshows are presented, viewers can now zoom in and out of each image, enabling them to see even more detail than before. Readers can now make fuller use of the ability to see images, and appreciate the various multimedia assets that the software supports, including movies, links, Flash effects, sounds, and buttons. Also, the software engineers have fixed an error that occurred in the output interface, so e-book designers have a much smoother and more efficient process to work with.

The same 3D Image Sphere, 3D product views, tilting, and rotating features from the old versions of the software are still present in 3D PageFlip Professional v1.6.0. Users can also add templates from an extensive library included with the program, so they customize a flipping book for any purpose. Whether they are creating a business brochure or a product catalog, the intended customers will be thoroughly engaged by the presentation and content. Videos can be shown at meetings to make a point about a new product development or business venture for management, executives, or sales professionals to see.

For product brochures, sharp photos will make any item more appealing to the right audience. Being able to zoom into these, for example, gives viewers the opportunity to examine products of interest in more detail. Business have an even more advantageous tool for creating product catalogs, manuals, brochures, and more, while publishers can give readers a more user-friendly tool for seeing e-magazines and more.

Better yet, businesses can also make their flipbooks viewable on mobile devices such as the iPhone, or track the online performance of their e-books with Google Analytics. The company continues to upgrade its software based on user feedback and making each feature easier to operate for both e-book creators and viewers. For more information, visit the product page and learn more about the flip book maker on its official website.

About 3DPageFlip.com
Founded in 2008, 3DPageFlip.com has created numerous software titles for digital publishing and creating 3D e-books, magazines, brochures, and more out of PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents. Support for various forms of multimedia allows users to add various features to make the flipbook enticing for viewers of various backgrounds. Customer support is taken seriously as professional help is available for each product and suggestions are welcome for making improvements.