3DPageFlip.com Launches Online Service to Give Convenience


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2013 --3D PageFlip online service offers space for useful e-books to every interested individual all over the world. Because of the service of this company, there are lots of people who have different e-book products according to their purposes and needs. Most of the e-book products offered by this company are the ones that can be used in different purposes. The most common purposes of the page flip e-books that are offered by this company are those products for various operating systems and even for the purpose of photographers and other professionals.

3D PageFlip product buying is easy to follow as there are only few steps to possibly purchase the product. The procedure to have a product offered by this company is easy compared to the procedure of other companies out there. First, everyone just needs to create an account in the company. After making an account and signing in on the particular account, everyone can choose from the available products offered by the company.

In using the service of 3D PageFlip, everyone can get a lot of advantages and benefits rather than using the service of other companies out there. Everyone who will make an e-book with the help of the service of this company will be published all over the world. This is the most important benefit provided by the service of this company. Other companies with the same purpose don’t have this particular benefit as it is only being provided by this particular company.

Even if this particular company has a lot of benefits provided to every user, they will still spend money as payment for the service. A particular point can be used by customers in order for them to keep a book. This procedure is possible within a month. Every new user will be granted 5 points as the promotion of service and as a free trial. The actual price of the service of this company is $1 for standard users and $9.99for VIP users.

3D flip page software is now available to every interested individual all over the world. The most recommended product of this company is the one that is specially made for professionals. Although this is quite expensive compared to the standard products, everyone can be sure about the features that lead to benefits.

For more information about 3D PageFlip and free digital magazine software, visit its official website kindly. And to use the Online Service at http://panel.3dpageflip.com/index.php?url=recharge

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Targeting business, organizational, and union customers, 3DPageFlip.com offers innovative software for creating realistic 3D e-books out of PDF files. Anyone can create online publications such as business brochures, magazines, catalogs, digital newspapers, and more. The company was established in 2008 and continues to grow its product line and capabilities to meet the needs of various kinds of customers.