3Fun Survey Shows That 27.5% of UK Females on 3Fun Are Bisexual


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/01/2019 --According to the results of a recent 3Fun survey, 27.5% of their female members in the United Kingdom identify as bisexual. Another 12% of them have said they are homosexual. This survey was conducted with a total of 3,000 participating female members from the UK. If a female member is registered with another man as a couple on the platform, that female is most likely bisexual as well.

"We wanted to determine how many of our female members actually enjoy threesomes," Jennifer said, the spokesperson of 3Fun. "If they identify as bisexual, we know they aren't just going along with the threesome encounters to make their male partners happy. They are doing it to make themselves happy too. That is what we like to see."

"The number of male and female couples takes up to 30% of our total members. That is about 450,000 couples in the worldwide" Jennifer said, "We very care about the user experience of those couples. That is why we created the synchronously chat feature for couples - lets them chat with others synchronously from one account".

As recently as ten years ago, it would have been difficult for most women to ever publicly identify themselves as bisexual. It is hard enough for anyone to identify as homosexual, but at least that doesn't make someone seem sexually promiscuous. For a long time, bisexuals were frowned upon by society because of their sexual openness to both genders. Fortunately, society is becoming more tolerant of bisexual women now. That is why so many of them are disclosing their true sexual orientation without any fear of discrimination. "We just had a great party last week and it was amazing! All of us are from 3Fun, without this dating app, there is no way to connect so many like-minded couples whose wives are bisexual as well." A threesome party organizer in London said.

"Male and bisexual women couples are more willing to spice up their sex lives with a third woman," Jennifer said. "Since roughly a quarter of the female members identify as bisexual, this means there's a good chance for single bisexual women to find the encounter of their dreams."

About 3Fun
3Fun is a dating platform that enables couples and singles to meet other like-minded people for a threesome relationship. With the gesture verify system, the 65 percent of 3Fun's members were verified with their photos. The app connects open-minded people and allows them to easily meet others with similar threesome interests.

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