3rder Reveals Why Most Women Look For Singles Instead Of Couples For Three Ways

A fascinating tinder for threesomes app called 3rder recently found most of its single women members intending to engage in threesomes with another two singles whether they are females or males. After doing an analysis and an online interview among these single women, 3rder found out the reasons why they do so.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2018 --Having a threesome is no doubt the most popular sexual fantasies among a variety of kinky singles and couples nowadays. Couples are those who want to spicy up their sex life and singles are someone who wants to experience sex with more than one other person. What they want to achieve from this amazing sexual activity is nothing but fun and excitement.

However, there are single females who have had three ways with couples claiming that their experiences aren't so good. As for this comment, 3rder - the most popular tinder for threesomes app dedicated to helping its members meet partners to enjoy fantastic threesomes have made a research on its female members, as well as what they are looking for with the purpose to figure out the cause for this phenomenon.

3rder involves 65,381 single females who are looking for a three way partner on its platform. Among them, 45,051 choosing to match with single women for threesomes while 26,554 looking for single males, which are far more than the statistics of single women aiming to find couples.

It is such a surprising and unexpected result to the development team members of 3rder because most females are more likely to seek singles for three ways. Almost at the same time, another online interview of some single females who are dating on 3rder is carried out. Based on one of the most representative stories from Sara, an open-minded girl in her 20's, it is easy for 3rder to draw some interesting conclusions.

"I am curious about threesomes all along. Then I successfully arranged my first dating with a couple after I created my profile on 3rder. It was a middle-aged couple, but things didn't go on as planned. The wife was taken over by jealousy as his husband spent too much energy on pleasing me. To be honest, it would be a perfect threesome if without his wife's angry. What's more, I was surprised that the guy asked me to be their fixed partner for a long-term relationship. How could he ignore his wife? Besides, I was just here for fun, you know, a long-term relationship may freak me out." says Sara on the line.

"It is true that some problems may emerge in the relationships with couples, jealousy, competition and excessive actions for instance," says Justin White, the CEO of 3rder. "that's why 3rder becomes so poplar since it welcomes all kinds of singles and offers what they exactly want with the best service."

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