5 New Franchise Store Openings for Designer Brand XIMIVOGUE in January 2019

New Low Cost Franchise Opportunities From One of the Most Profitable Franchises


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2019 --XIMIVOGUE, also known as XIMISO, has recently opened 5 new franchise stores in several countries all over the world. XIMIVOGUE is a leading Korea-based designer brand and a global fast fashion department franchised store with more than 1400 stores worldwide.

From January 15th to January 27th, 5 new XIMIVOGUE franchise stores were opened in the following locations:

1. India: Rajouri Garden, Delhi, India

2. Panama City: Westland Mall, Westland, Panama City

3. India: Shop No.7 Lower Ground Floor, Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, India

4. India: City Center, Kalkota, India

5. Philippines: 2025-2026-2031 Unit, Ayala Malls Harbor Point, Olongabo City, Philippines

XIMIVOGUE has proven to be one of the leading franchise companies and one of the best franchises to own. This was possible not only with a strong concern and care towards each player in its international franchising chain, with a special mention to all its international franchisees. XIMIVOGUE also pays particular attention to its extensive selection of products, which already exceed the total number of 7000 items. More than 800 products are updated each month, and new ones are added periodically to keep up with the new consumers' needs and trends.

One of the secrets behind the success of this leading fast fashion store is the focus on providing customers who enter their stores with a pleasing and home-like shopping experience. Besides the attractive and creative design of their products, they can also attract many customers through their simple, fashionable, and welcoming store display. XIMIVOGUE can rely on active cooperation with well-known suppliers of its products, including San Fu, Sassooon, Gialen, Watsons, Muji, and many more. Their vision is focused on providing high-quality and environmental-friendly products at a low price, by thus becoming one of the most sustainable fashion brands in the world.

Franchisees from over 64 countries and regions have trusted this international franchise company for more than 10 years. The average opening rate exceeds 80-100 new stores per month. Even just on the opening day, the turnover of these franchise stores reaches an average value of 5000$. With a small investment, franchisees can earn a long-term and stable income with one of the most successful franchises.

Below are enlisted the criteria for opening a XIMIVOGUE franchise store:

1. A space with an area larger than 100 square meters and with a door width equal to or above 8 meters;

2. The store should be located inside or in the nearby of shopping malls, commercial streets, pedestrian precincts, schools or hotels around, tourist attractions, subways, train stations or other crowded areas;

In exchange for this, franchisees can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Professional after-sales team to serve customers 24 hours a day;

2. Senior supervisors appointed to help the franchisees;

3. Advanced ERP management system, which is an advanced purchase-sell-stock management system and suitable for more efficient store operations;

4. Marketing and advertising services, as well as market analysis, sales promotions, coupon procurement, import-export, and business management consultancy. XIMIVOGUE often organizes fairs and exhibitions for commercial and advertising purposes;

5. Professional training, provided by a business college and aimed at sharing with franchisees extensive knowledge and suggestions for better understanding the modern consumer goods market;

6. Advanced and large-scaled logistics distribution center, with a 40,000-square-meter warehouse;

7. Complete supply chain management system with rigorous testing processes;

The cities where these new XIMIVOGUE franchise stores were opened host a large population and have a large batch of potential customers. Many of whom have entered these stores for consultation before the official opening day.

XIMIVOGUE is particularly popular among the young population aged between 16 and 35 years, and it continually adjusts its product categories and design to better match the newest demands and the cultural differences of each store. It is with these premises that XIMIVOGUE is pleased to welcome all of those interested in new business opportunities to contact them to start their franchise business in 2019.

Moreover, XIMIVOGUE is expected to attend the following exhibitions in February and March:

1. East China Fair – Shanghai, March 1-4 2019 – A17-26 SNIEC, Shanghai New International Expo Center;

2. International Franchise Seoul – Coex, Seoul, March 7-9 2019 – H30 Coex C Hall Seoul Korea;

XIMIVOGUE is a leading Korea-based designer brand and a fast fashion department franchised store. The company headquarters are located at the Guangzhou International Finance Center in Guangzhou, but it also opened other offices in Hangzhou and Yiwu. XIMIVOGUE has been investing money and efforts in creating "green consumer products", which are then sold globally through its franchising network. All XIMIVOGUE products follow the principles of simplicity, sustainability, and high-quality. Besides its products, XIMIVOGUE franchisees can count on the commercial information and suggestions provided by its mature management team with more than eight years of franchise experience.

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