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5 Reasons Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online Is Better

With trusted online vendors and 30 day no questions asked return policies. Its a no-brainer to trust online is the way to go for a diamond purchase.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2018 --The Nitty-Gritty:  Walking into a jewelry store feels like walking into a car dealer.  A salesperson is there to up sell you and push a diamond not because its a perfect match for a clients needs. But rather because its one of the few they have that match ones price point. Retail stores spend easily over 10k to 30,000 in special lighting to make a diamond dazzle.  A buyer may be looking at a flawed diamond but the lighting enhances the sparkle masking imperfections.  The Bottom line- Yes buyers can find a beautiful diamond in a retail store BUT! It will be at a higher price point with a risk of buying a diamond improperly certified(paying more for an inferior diamond grade).  Read Below for the 5 Reasons Why buying a diamond engagement ring online Is Better Than Retail.

1. Massive amounts of inventory

A store front may have 2-3 diamonds that match a buyers desired shape, carat and price point.  Buyers are forced to evaluate 2-3 stones that may not even have the right combination of attributes wanted.  Out of the two options they have, one stone is bottom heavy and the other has a long length to width ratio. The last stone is great but way over budget.  Buyers are forced to choose between two undesirables and going above their means.  Online, one can find hundreds.  Consumers have the power to critically filter the most important attributes and get the best quality diamond at the best price.

2. Better Pricing

An Online Business has no expensive retail store front needed.  No sales teams, commissions, security, or heavy insurance needed.  Those savings get passed on to you.  Online Vendors like James Allen & Blue Nile make small percentages and rely on more transactions versus bigger profit margins to keep the retail doors open.  Online pricing is in line for price conscious consumers as it is often 20-50 percent cheaper.

3. Buyers Can't TOUCH  -  BUT They Can SEE BETTER Online!

As stated in The Nitty Gritty, when a consumer walks into a retail store, sales members will present a diamond under enhanced lighting.  They proceed by placing it on a table in front of the potential buyer to evaluate.  Even for a master diamond grader, its very difficult to grade or evaluate with the naked eye. Especially under sparkling enhanced lighting. 

They then hand the buyer a loupe.  A loupe is a small finger 10 times magnification tool. This is when a client can get a better look if they are able to use the Loupe tool correctly.  One has to hold the diamond with tweezers in one hand and hold the loupe up to ones eye on the other hand. Sure it works, but its cumbersome.

HERE IS THE DIFFERENCE- Vendors like James AllenBlue Nile and Brain Gavin  have 15x-20x zoomed images and video of the diamond. They light the diamond in standard lighting to grade subjectively. 

This is HUGE! This is what a diamond buyer will consider a strong benefit Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online. Buyers may not be able to touch, but they can purchase with more confidence because one can see clearly with out pressure and choose what is right for them. 

4. No Pressure

Buyers can search for diamonds on their lunch break, at home or whenever convenient. Driving to three stores can take hours. Visiting another website and comparing findings are easy with the tools given. Certain stones in the retail store environment have a better profit margin and are pushed to clients by sales reps.   The sales reps advice sounds sincere but buyers don't realize the hidden agenda. Without education, buyers are lead by sales persons with commission agendas.

5. Save On Sales Tax

To top it off clients get to save a additional 7% off of tax. Online does not tax a sale. Big win for online.

CONCLUSION:  Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring Online clearly has savings benefits.  Websites like www.diamondcityonline.com inform buyers with diamond buying guides to teach about how to buy your diamond engagement ring online.

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