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50% of 2016 Golden Globe Nominees Sported Well Groomed Beards


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2016 --The aroma of beard balm filled the air at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards as successful actors such as John Krasinski, Gerard Butler, Christian Bale, and more were all sporting well groomed beards.

On the scene was Jenn Streicher, a celebrity groomer and hairstylist who worked on Captain America's look as well as John Krasinski's. She stated to the press, "I think facial hair has been growing more and more popular." In addition to that, plenty of short, cropped beards were wore by actors such as Gerard Butler, Steve Carrell, host Ricky Gervais and Chris Evans.

Ms. Streicher went on to say, "John has just finished with a new movie, Thirteen Hours, so he is super buff right now. He has a big beard right now, so there is less skin to work with."

According to a recent survey performed by Statista Inc., during 2012 the men's grooming industry was worth 17.3 Billion U.S. dollars world wide. Last year in 2015, that number grew to 20.3 Billion U.S. dollars and is expected to grow to 26.6 Billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

A company representative from beard care industry leaders, The B.I.G. Company Inc., stated earlier that, "we don't expect to see beards or facial hair for that matter leaving any time soon. As beard products progress, like beard balm, growing a beard has become easier than ever before."