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500 Binary Options Videos and Counting

The long road to 500 binary trading videos and the expectations are high in 2014.


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2014 --The binary options field is fairly new in the world of finance, but it appears that 2014 will be yet another eventful year in this industry, and is poised to be right at the forefront of this still developing type of trading. This site has been a serious part of the binary options trading community from the beginning, and 2014 will likely mark the 500th video posted on the site. Staples of the site, like the featured trade of the day and the YouTube channel Happyfxer -, are set to continue into the New Year thanks to the tremendous number of subscribers and viewers of this content.

This site is mainly educational in nature, but they still have a lot in store for the coming year. Traders from around the world continue to leave positive comments detailing how their trading has turned around because of the information provided and the help they have found on the website and channel. These popular features will be continued and enhanced in the coming year, site administrators say. The team has spent a lot of time building upon past experiences and they are firm believers that, “if you create an outlet for people to come to, in which they have a better chance of succeeding, then you’ve done some good.” will strive to provide top notch information and shed light on how to be successful with binary options, unlike the many scam sites that exist. Sites like are at the forefront of this effort to make sure that there is high quality trading information provided for everyone that wants to access it.

The site has undergone some vast changes over the past couple years. There have been several redesigns and other cosmetic changes, and now the site is in a user-friendly state, poised to be a leader within this still developing industry. At, you will find trades broken down in detail, along with many useful real-world trading strategies. There is also information available on the best online brokers and the latest promotions being offered by them.

One of the newest developments on the site is the This area covers different aspects of the markets, while at the same time continues to teach on the complicated topic of binary trades. There are many media outlets out there geared toward trading in general, but shares it with a solely binary options orientation, making it great for those individuals that use them. This style of displaying the information also breaks up the sometimes monotonous information you may run into from time to time, giving this site a unique niche within the market.

A critical piece to a trader’s success is finding a broker that will help them move in a positive direction. has scoured the marketplace and has found several good brokers to work with--no matter which country you are located in. There will also be a another trading site out in 2014 that the team will have some exclusive deals with. This is a big step forward for the site and hopefully the trading community in general.

Be on the lookout for some really great things in the expanding binary options market in 2014. There is still a lot of growth in this field and as long as you have the right team behind you, the trades you make will be much better off.

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