Sonia Nwajei

6 Misconceptions About Marriage Book: Helps Debunk the Myth About What Makes a Marriage Work, and How to Handle Issues in Your Relationship


Brisbane, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2018 --"Marriage is an awesome place of commitment, growth, and everything else in between. There's plenty of upside to it, but it also comes with some myths and misconceptions. There can be a tremendous amount of pressure, and false obligations that surround our perception of marriage, but being able to identify these misunderstandings, can help couples avoid a lot of pain down the road", says the author.

Being with her partner for eight years, Sonia knows the challenges that come with communication and connection in marriage, hence she wrote this book, with the hope of closing the gap, to foster a happy union between partners.

As many couples continue to seek answers to " what makes a marriage work" this book is a very educating piece of information not to miss. The author shares vital knowledge on ways couples can strengthen their communication, rebuild the relationship, move away from anger, resentment, constant argument, into a happier loving and lasting relationship.

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