Formosa Liberty Corp.

70 Year Old Billion Dollar Debt Haunts Chinese Government

Formosa Liberty works with exchange traded and other defaulted bonds. The Company currently has on assignment a portfolio of over 10,000 defaulted bonds of which approximately 5000 are NYSE Euronext traded bonds.


Lewes, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2015 --The directors and management of Formosa Liberty Corp. (OTC PINK:FLIB) announce the following:

The NYSE Euronext Paris Exchange continues to list on its market 11 defaulted pre 1949 Chinese bonds potentially worth billions in a settlement scenario. Trading prices per bond range from a low of €0.95 to a high of €137.85. The majority of Formosa Liberty's assigned holdings are made up of three Euronext listed bonds: the Chinese Reorganisation Gold Loan and the Lung Tsing-u Hai and Hukuang Railways bonds. Euronext Chinese bond prices have held steady in relatively low volume trading this year as many bondholders prefer to hold the bonds in safekeeping. However off market the Chinese Gold Bonds have sold at many times the Euronext closing prices.

Formosa Liberty stresses while no one, including Euronext, can predict the value of these bonds if they are paid out or a settlement is reached, the company lawyers are communicating to the Chinese government for clarification of the bonds' status and the confirmation of any gold or cash reserves to cover the redemption of these bonds.

Formosa Liberty's defaulted debt portfolio contains many other bonds that are not listed on a major exchange including historical Chinese and Mexican bonds. The Euronext's stance on the defaulted Chinese sovereign bonds is key to Formosa Liberty's redemption plans. The continued listing of the 11 pre 1949 Chinese government bonds is a major plank of Formosa Liberty's collection efforts as recognition of these debts by the New York Stock Exchange owned Euronext Paris means that billions of dollars of pre 1949 debt is still in play even as the Chinese economy is under pressure on international markets.


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Typically the longer sovereign debt has been in default, the less likely a settlement. Some debt is so old that the bonds have more current value as a historical document than as a security. Sovereign bonds that no longer trade on an exchange and have no current ISIN number should not be referred to as a security per se and are listed on the Company books as having no value. There can be no assurance that the Company will be able to successfully redeem the bonds in its inventory. Formosa Liberty makes no representation that defaulted sovereign debt can be redeemed or restructured successfully as a successful settlement depends on many factors beyond the control of bondholders of the Company.