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806 Technologies, Inc. Takes the Headache out of Compliance Measures for Auditors and Schools with New Title1Crate Update

Making life simpler for educators, school leadership, as well as State and Federal auditors, 806 Technologies, Inc. has released a Title1Crate software update. A veritable web-based file cabinet for Title I documentation, the management tool simplifies, streamlines, and stores securely with 24/7 access.


Plano, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2017 --On point and strategic, the new Title1Crate software update is released to school employees and auditors in dire need of a break. Once burdened by unending Title I document management, educators, program directors, campus leaders, and federal and state auditors can now up the ante on time-saving. Now, 806 Technologies, Inc. has not only assured access to Title I monitoring 24/7 in real-time, they've also expanded their special auditor component. Thanks to the update, it's easier for an auditor, or state monitor, to confirm districts have correctly managed their Title I programs. How so? Title I audits are facilitated with an auditor-level restricted access mode and full activity audit logs on tap.

Title1Crate endeavors to keep all just as it should be. Some of the features that allows this are easy document upload and automated e-mail reminders that keep users ahead of deadlines. Other features include streamlined approval and verification tools that make it almost effortless to complete detail-oriented tasks. Fully customizable to meet district, state, and ESSA requirements, the newly-updated Title I compliance software organizes all projects and documentation into a central repository. The centralized system then equips users with multiple levels of secure access. This allows for the upload, review, and approval of documentation from multiple users on any campus in any given district. Moreover, approval and tracking of all documentation, document signing accountability, and automated emails keep everyone concerned on task.

Ross Laughter, CEO of 806 Technologies, Inc. said of the Title I audit software and its ability to mitigate administrative tasks, "This software was developed for educators, by educators. Thus, they've used their strategic knowledge to ensure workflows are fully-supported and efficient through automated steps everyone can use. District-level administrators stay ahead of deadlines. Principals save time. Auditors make use of transparency in a way they've never had access to before. It's a win/win effort saving update we're happy to roll out."

Exceeding the federal document retention rules, Title1Crate automatically stores prior versions of files for up to seven years safely on AWS servers with redundant live and backup servers.

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