8Mode LED Fidget Spinner Has Eight Modes and Amazing LED Light Display


Syracuse, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/20/2017 --A new fidget spinner with an amazing, spinning LED light display and eight different modes from which to choose, is now available. The user selects the mode they want by pressing the button on the top of the 8Mode LED Fidget Spinner. Then, the orange LED lights reveal different information according to which mode is selected. The modes include the following:

1. Revolutions Per Minute - A built-in tachometer indicates exactly how fast it is spinning.

2. Spin Time - This saves the user from having to set a separate timer if they are in competition with friends.

3. Spin Count - An option for the Spinner to automatically count and display its total revolutions.

4. Effects - A visual effect or pattern, such as a bird or airplane figure whirling around the display that has a soothing effect.

5. Whirlacle - This mode reveals a Yes or No answer so the user can ask it a lighthearted or fun question to which they want an instant decision.

6. Text - The orange LED lights currently display the 8Mode logo.

Two additional modes will be added. 8Mode's inventors, Telecommunications Engineers, Mike Cooper and Matt Dwyer, are asking the Kickstarter community for their input. "We hope the Kickstarter community will help us to further develop our idea," said Mike, co-founder of 8Mode. "We are very open to any ideas as to what people think would work with the LED display."

Mike Cooper has himself experienced anxiety and has found that a fidget spinner helps him to relax and focus. Fidget toys can help to relieve stress, aid concentration, and provide fingers with a welcome distraction.

For more information, or to purchase an 8Mode LED Fidget Spinner, visit the Kickstarter page here:

About 8Mode
Matt Dwyer and Mike Cooper are telecommunications engineers who have worked together for over 20 years. Cooper and Dwyer began developing the 8Mode Fidget Spinner by working on a breadboard prototype concept. They then created a printed circuit board, worked out the firmware, and developed the display modes. 3D printing was used to try out different design ideas for the case until they came up with a rugged enclosure that is functional and easy to manufacture and assemble. Their experience in electronics, development and customer service, and input from their own children, has helped Dwyer and Cooper to create a unique fidget spinner toy that is now ready for production. The 8Mode LED Fidget Spinner has replaceable batteries and a stainless steel or optional ceramic bearing.