911 Alert App Sends an Instant Alert when User's Loved One Dials 911


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2019 --A new app is launching that will automatically alert a person's emergency contacts if they make a 911 call from their cellphone. All too often, a person who is in an emergency situation calls 911 for help, but not a single friend or family member knows about their distress. The 911 Alert App is set to remedy this situation and will soon launch on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Available as an Android or iPhone app, the 911 Alert App enables the user to preset up to ten contacts who they would like to be made aware in the event that they are in sufficient danger and need to dial 911 for help. If a situation arises where they do need to call 911, the user's emergency contacts are immediately alerted, by text, about the call. The alert is sent the second the 911 call is made.

Not only does the 911 Alert App text message inform the allocated emergency contacts that a call to the emergency services has been made, but the text message also contains exact details of the phone owner's location at the time the call was placed. Loved ones can see instantly where the caller is and view a map to track them if they move.

That's not all. The 911 Alert App has another way to empower loved ones to support a friend or family member who needs help. A group chat opens within the app so the allocated emergency contacts can communicate with the cellphone's owner as well as with one another. Since they can exchange information between one another, the emergency contacts can determine what needs to be done and what sort of help the caller needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. By helping each other through the emergency, some of the stress is taken out of an already stressful situation.

'The 911 Alert app gives you the assurance that, should the time come that a loved one needs to dial 911, you will be made aware of the call,' said Steven VanDyke, Creator of 911 Alert app. 'Hopefully, that time will never come, but we believe it's better to have the app and not need it than it is to need the app and not have it.'

Subscription to 911 Alert is $5 per year and users can cancel at any time. There's also a lifetime subscription that's available only during the crowdfunding campaign.

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