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911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. Starts "Operation Help Bring Gene Home" Fundraiser for Hoarding Cleaning and Restoration


Ripon, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2021 --Retired federal United States postal service employee was found living in a level 5 hoarder house.

911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc., the Sacramento County community, and other property restoration companies are willing to offer their business service, business supplies, and/or monetary donations to Operation Help Bring Gene Home for free.

911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc., will make the first donation, donating bio-remediation and extreme cleaning services. What will you donate?

Operation help bring Gene home will start on April 5, 2021 and will end approximately May 1, 2021 (if all property restoration efforts go smoothly). Daily work schedule will be 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Operation Help Bring Gene Home location: 142 Market Street, Folsom, CA 95630

Please review 911 Hazmat Cleanup's social media "Tik Tok" page and "Go Fund Me" page for any fundraising and project awareness campaigns. Let's help bring Gene back home to a safe bio-hazard free living space.

For any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact Kimberly Chatman (911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc.) at (209) 489-6016 or help@911hazmatcleanup.com.

Let me tell you about Gene. Gene is a retired federal United States postal service employee. Gene served the greater Sacramento and Sacramento County, California areas for over 30 years. Gene is a beautiful soul who loves knitting. In fact, Gene used to use her knitting skills to make hats for newborn babies at local hospitals (pre-COVID of course).

Post retirement has not been kind for gene. Gene has no immediate family she can count on. Pushing nearly 81 years old, Gene suffered a stroke, has severe depression and chronic fatigue. Despite the 30 plus years as a federal employee serving the Sacramento County community and all of her community outreach, Gene states "she does not want to reach out for help… she does not want to be a burden to others." As you can imagine, it's hard for Gene to manage her mental and physical health to meet the daily demands of home maintenance.

This is apparent when Gene called out a local Sacramento County plumbing company, via service call. What the plumber found was Gene living in a level 5 hoard. Thankfully, the local plumber had the present of mind to call 911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. (#1 bio-remediation company on the west coast).

911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. responded and confirmed that Gene was living in severe bio-hazard conditions. 911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc., working along with Sacramento County Adult Protective Services, removed Gene from her residence. Sacramento County Adult Protective Services allowed Gene to stay at her friend's and neighbor of 20 plus years residence until remediation is completed.

911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. attempted to secure funding for Gene's home remediation and remodel but had negative results. 911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. prides themselves with "no client left behind" and "to always leave the clients better than we found them". 911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. exercises the most care, sensitivity and professionalism to our clients and our community.

911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc. is willing to help Gene get back into her home bio-hazard free.

This is the reason for: Operation Help Bring Gene Home

What will you donate?

For more information please contact:
Kimberly Chatman, CEO, COO
911 Hazmat Cleanup, Inc.
447 s. Paralell Ave.
Ripon, California 95366
(209) 489-6016