A 20th Century Film Noir for the 21st Century: Shades of Shame

The period film noir was one of unabashed greatness. Scenes were filled with thrills, dark undertones, and twists. Here to bring back some of that sentiment is Shades of Shame.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2016 --The global film industry is worth more than thirty-eight billion dollars, * and this worth is projected to grow by around eleven billion dollars in the next four years. With this upward trend in the industry, filmmakers everywhere are trying to pump out as many productions as possible for maximal revenue. Unfortunately, this practice only results in debacles like that of Batman Vs Superman. These rapid-fire production films are missing one thing: thrill. The kind of dark and twisted thrill that encapsulated the 1950's in the thriving genre of film noir. Sadly, this genre seems to have been lost over the years and is in desperate need of revival. Here to bring just that is Jason Diaz's latest feature-length film titled Shades of Shame.

The film itself follows the investigation of the title character, Detective Michael Shame. The detective is hot on the tail of a new lunatic in the 1968 city of New York: the Jester. The Jester has been sporadically shooting up companies with no clear intention, firing into crowds with no target in mind. Being a true hysterical, the Jester speaks almost exclusively in rhyme, adding an unsettling nature to the criminal. Detective Shame follows the Jester alongside his romantic and workplace partner Detective Jessica Sanchez.

Aside from the challenge of working with a romantic partner, Detective Shame is also facing the stress of a questionable reputation under legal scrutiny and the harsh accusations of the public eye. Whether or not this stress factors into how the detective acts on and off the job is up to the viewer to decide. Unfortunately, a film of this length requires funding for actor fees, equipment, and more, totalling to quite a bill. To help ease this burden for the independent film, the production team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. On the campaign page, visitors will be able to pre-order the film while supporting its production. With the help of readers this immaculate, ninety-page screenplay will transform into a stunning feature-length film.

About Shades of Shame
Shades of Shame was conceived of by Hollywood-veteran Jason Diaz. Jason Diaz has years of experience working on all sorts of channels and sets including Investigation Discovery, the History Channel, and the Travel Channel. He hopes to use this experience to make Shades of Shame all it should be as he plays two major characters within the film.

To learn more or support Shades of Shame visit the Kickstarter campaign page.