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A Classic Video Game Is Making a Return, Kinda

Gaming studio has created a modern version of the video game classic 'Lemmings', with a sadistic and satirical twist.


Yucatan, Mexico -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/25/2018 --Providing hours of strategizing and fun, Dumb Little Creatures engages gamers with vibrant worlds by solving addicting 3D puzzles that keep the innocent creatures on the right path. By instructing the creatures to build, dig and construct objects, the gamer can surpass an array of sadistic moving obstacles and mayhem. The crowdfunding campaign will debut on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter on Tuesday, October 23, at 9am PST.

Dumb Little Creatures: http://kck.st/2Jd0IpQ

"It's been a couple decades since the world's played a game like this [Lemmings]. We're excited to release this slightly satirical, slightly sadistic revival of a classic," said CEO & Co-founder Juan Pablo Gonzalez.

Containing the perfect amount of mind-boggling scenarios and easily mastered skills, Dumb Little Creatures will keep gamers of all ages entertained for hours on end. Unlike ever before, a modern twist on the retro favorite 'Lemmings' will transport everyone into various worlds of imagination and creativity.

To achieve the project's goal of MXN$ 350,000 (about USD$ 18,200), Gonzalez and the Mismatch Studio team has decided to look to Kickstarter for initial funding. Gonzalez will be offering rewards on the Kickstarter website for 35 days at a deeply discounted rate to secure early funding for the overall production and creation of the Dumb Little Creatures video game.

"We're raising our funds via Kickstarter because we know there's a gaming community out there who will love this just as much as us," said Gonzalez.

The campaign launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday and is scheduled to wrap up on November 27. Gonzalez says that the company plans to immediately get to work for an early 2019 release.

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