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A Dumpster Rental Company to Assist with Spring Cleaning

Students from a US university have come up with special dumpsters on campus to collect ubiquitous take-out boxes and lessen trash.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2016 --Just as there are student dorms and college football in most university campuses, take-out pizza are part of higher education.

Even though take-out pizza normally feeds hungry students cramming for exams, trash is one side effect of this iconic fast food. Pizza boxes cannot be recycled because of the food and grease matter on the cardboard. Due to their unrecyclable nature, the boxes are thrown into the landfills. Because of this fact, students raised concerns and offered a solution.

In their maiden step, the students repurposed two old metal dumpsters. They painted them with giant pizzas and then placed them outside the college halls of residence. This way, those feasting on the sumptuous doughy delight would throw their empty boxes outside thus ensuring they remained separate from the other garbage.

Currently, the number of dumpsters stands at six, with more underway. According to the student group, they have composted approximately eighteen thousand pizza boxes from their campus. According to them, their biggest challenge is establishing a place to put their pizza dumpsters. A good number of campus buildings and residence halls would prefer to have access to the dumpsters. However, lack of space comes in the way of their desire. To solve the lack of space situation, the president of EnviroSolutions, Inc had this solution to them, "The students need to find a way of providing a string of different bins and dumpsters for cardboard, trash, commingled recycling." According to the head of the company, which also owns Galaxy Transfer, the group should also try to handle various locations through switching out different types and sizes of dumpsters or bins.

The students could benefit immensely from dumpsters for rental offered by Galaxy Transfer. The students can choose from the different sizes and types of dumpsters offered by Galaxy Transfer.

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