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A Fellow Entrepreneur Offers a Compelling Challenge

Considerations before starting your Business


Reston, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2009 -- Do you have an innovative idea that can be developed into a successful business venture? Assert Marketing Promotions offers these important considerations prior to launching a small or home business.

The contingent workforce is expanding, as people consider contracting jobs, freelance options or regular part-time work; it will become more natural for entrepreneur-minded individuals to think about a full or part-time business that can even be run from home.

With three months away from the tax filing deadline, AMP wants to remind consumers not to underestimate the long-term value of a tax refund or economic stimulus. Typically, people will choose to purchase a luxury (unneeded) item or pay bills with their refund; some may invest a portion or all of theirs. However, for many this will be the year to invest in realizing a dream - becoming their own boss.

"The economic picture is very scary right now with so many losing their jobs," explains Michelle Moore, Owner of Assert Marketing. "It may not make sense to voluntarily leave a job tomorrow to start your own business, but if your job was among the two and a half million cut last year, an independent venture may have never looked better."

“It is important to begin planning for business startup. First, decide what you can offer in terms of products or services and then determine if you have the skills to compete successfully in the marketplace.

Second, you have to know your target market -and your competition. Third, make sure you're in a position to handle the normal functions of running a business, like setting appointments, taking calls, responding to email, bookkeeping and marketing.”

Virtual assistants are becoming popular and practical options for business owners who are not in a position to hire ongoing Staff. Outsourcing can be cost-effective and can allow for flexibility while focusing on necessary tasks to running a successful enterprise.

Other important considerations include legal issues. Ms. Moore explains, “Besides being concerned with zoning laws and business filing(registration) requirements, you will need to decide which form of business organization you will use, such as sole proprietor, LLC or Corporation. The IRS ( provides free tax information on the various legal forms of business organization.”

Since startup costs will vary based on the type or nature of the business, there is no generic method for estimating the initial costs needed to operate an individual business. “Using a worksheet that lists various expense categories can make it clearer to see how much capital is needed,” says Ms. Moore. “Entrepreneurs can also check out the U.S. Small Business Administration for information on sources of capital that may be available to them.”

Ms. Moore cautions against wasting money chasing after unprofitable ventures. “Eager entrepreneurs are often exploited, especially in this age of digital or e-commerce. The actual rate of return on the majority of online business opportunities are minimal to none. Typically, this means the only ones getting rich are the recipients of your money,” says the solo-preneur.

Consumer sites like and estimate as many as 98% of work-at-home opportunities are scams.

Entrepreneurship is for one who is able to undertake or assume responsibility for his or her own success or failure. Starting a business this year may be the ideal investment for your tax refund. Family members can offer much needed support to one looking to launch a business.

“It’s a lifestyle change. The hours are long . . . but to your specifications. You control how much you want to work. For me, that’s what makes entrepreneurship both fulfilling and challenging. A lot is sacrificed, especially in the beginning; but when you get to create your own job, it’s worth it.”

Assert Marketing Promotions wants to challenge entrepreneurs to think of why this is the time to start a business. Submit an article on this topic to: or and you could win a complimentary "Jr.-preneur" or basic Identity Stationery Package valued at $715.00. The package includes 500 printed business letterhead, envelopes and business cards. The free package offer ends March 1, 2009.

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Ms. Moore says, "It's a great time to let people know you're in business for real. A professional corporate identity package is a great investment in your business image and can make even a small enterprise look big."

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