A Free Plan Is Available for Using the PubHTML5 Online Brochure Maker

Not many people today are offered to get a value for free. PubHTML5 offers a free plan of using its online brochure maker that the users will enjoy.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2019 --Customers who would like to create stunning online brochures to promote their brands, products, services or even for education purposes can now take advantage of the free plan available. PubHTML5 provides an online brochure maker at a very reasonable price for those who want unlimited features, but those who would like to just try the software or to use some of the limited functions and features, can now do it for $0 / month. The features included in the free plan include:

- 500G of storage.

- Users are able to make 5 uploads per day.

- The brochures might have up to 500 pages.

- They are able to use one account and PDF conversion, which enables them to turn their static PDF files into a great-looking online brochure.

- The ready digital brochures can be shared on the social networks to reach people from all the world.

- There is an auto-playing mode available for the publications.

- Free users can take advantage of custom background image and custom background color to add personality to the templates.

- There are tool buttons that can be shown or hidden and an option for printing pages.

- The publications are mobile ready and can be read on any mobile device.

Jason Chen, CTO of PubHTML5 announced, "We believe that all people regardless of their budget will benefit from our online platform. Even using the free plan, the online brochure maker provides so many features that users will definitely enjoy it. Of course, professional digital publishers and businesses who would like to become popular online will definitely prefer to use one of our paid monthly plans, which are reasonably-priced and still very affordable even for ordinary people".

To learn more about the other plans, their prices and the features they include, please visit

About PubHTML5
Being a leader in the digital publishing solutions, PubHTML5 and its team of professionals put daily efforts into enhancing the online brochure maker and its features, while keeping the prices low. There is even a free plan for newcomers, who would like to try out how it works.