ChAtTacks, Inc.

A Free Social Network for Posting, Saving, Organizing & Sharing Useful Stuff -- ChAtTacks

ChAtTacks lets you “tack” pieces of information from resources such as Webinars, Google Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Email Folders and even Sticky Notes to your ChAtTacks page.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2014 --If you’re like most web users, the information you value on the Internet is spread across several websites. While you can always bookmark the sites and add them to your reading list, that doesn’t count as gleaning and organizing the important information they contain -- if only you had an efficient tool to do it...

This tool is now available in the form of a website called ChAtTacks, a web-based organizational resource that is also a social media website.

Post, Save, Share, Organize, and Then Some...

When you think about places on the web you would like to pull information from and collect under a single point of access, websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; and communication portals such as email, Google Chat, Skype likely come to mind. ChAtTacks lets you “tack” pieces of information from these types of resources to your ChAtTacks pages, where you can choose to mark them “private”, or share them with other ChAtTacks members.

The possibilities for organization on ChAtTacks are practically endless since you can organize useful content in categories. Located within four general categories -- photos, videos, documents, and events -- are a plethora of categories that let you file information under highly specific headings. Examples of categories include: appointments, bucket list, childhood memories, groceries n’ things, must see movies, real estate investing, and sports -- and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever you need to, ChAtTacks has a place for it.

A Social Media Website

At first glance, ChAtTacks doesn’t stand out as a full-fledged social media website, which is mostly because it is oriented around a concept that makes it truly unique: a one size fits all website for collecting and organizing information from the web and beyond. There is, however, a built in social media presence, as members can share with other members information they choose mark “public”, while information marked “private” is only visible to the owner.

Social media savvy web users will remark that a similar feature exists on Facebook, but with Facebook, the emphasis is on sharing information. With ChAtTacks, the emphasis is on collecting information, and only sharing information that interests or assists other users. Whereas Facebook, Twitter, and other long running websites have been known to be more broadly focused, ChAtTacks is designed to separate wheat from chaff.

The online world can now get its first official look at ChAtTacks. For more information or to sign up, visit