A Game Changing Wearable Camera Launches on Indiegogo

It is human nature to document and tell the stories of our lives. We have come a long way since Polaroids and now nearly 2 billions of us are walking around with camera phones, but new technologies such as wearable cameras (techwear) are trending to be the future of photos and videos.


Montreal, QC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2015 --Michael Khalil co-founder and CEO of 3RDiTEK, has introduced his new wearable camera, the 3RDi, on the crowdfunding platform, (

Like many before it, the 3RDi (pronounce "third eye") allows people to take pictures on the go. Unlike cameras, smart phones or digital cameras, the 3RDi offers a plethora of exclusive options and features that elevate it high above anything else before it, such as the ability to wear the camera like a head band and take photos without having to hold the camera or be inconvenienced at all.

"It is a very simple device to use, just put it on, turn it on, & carry on, and that's it, what you see it what you get", says co-founder Michael Khalil.

For the first time in ONE techwear device, the 3RDi offers anyone the ability to take all the photos and videos they want without ever having to stop living the moment. For example, with the 3RDi, someone can attend a game or concert and enjoy it as usual without ever pulling out their camera or smart phone, and they can have the whole thing on video.

As Michael Khalil puts it, "People won't have to just settle for hoping their camera is charged and accessible with memory, people can use the 3RDi, and will know they're equipped with a camera that will always capture life's moments. "Live your life while capturing it". The 3RDi connects to any smart phone thanks to its Bluetooth support letting anyone upload their content to their social media accounts. Every aspect of operations are extremely simple, making the 3RDi the camera of choice for travelling, events, activities and people on the go.

Special moments are everywhere, don't stop and miss them, just "capture" them with the 3RDi.

The 3RDi is a game changer. It's that simple!

In order to jump-start the campaign, 3RDiTEK is offering a limited quantity of 600 3RDi for only $194 each. That's a full $205 discount on the full price of $399.00. there are 2 colours to chose from (300 white and 300 black)

"We're really excited to be launching our campaign", says Michael. "With features anyone can use, in such a user-friendly device, people from all over the world will be happy knowing they too can get this techwear camera they need, and have peace of mind, knowing that they're going to get the best photos/videos every time."

The Indiegogo campaign gives people a comprehensive look at what this revolutionary device is all about & the campaign video shows how the 3RDi functions.

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