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A Green Solution to Bed Bugs: Environmental Heat Solutions

Environmental Heat Solutions known as the Green Bed Bug Solution offers new hope for people dealing with an age old problem.


Purcellville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/05/2015 --Bed bugs are a problem that no one wants to think about for many, they are a real issue. Hotels and other institutions fear the ramifications of bed bug infestation with customers and individuals often deal with this problem at home too. One company works hard to eradicate bed bugs using their Green Bed Bug Heat Solution.

Bed bugs are a problem that people often encounter in hotels that get infested with them. Many of these hotels may think they have eradicated them, and then they come back shortly thereafter. But one company offers a solution for the bed bug problem. Environmental Heat Solutions uses either trained dogs and/or trained personal to locate the pesky bugs to find their hideouts, and then applies their proven heat treatments to kill the bugs.

President of Environment Heat Solutions, Bobby Anderson, stated that, "Bed bugs are still a terrible problem for many, as some have noticed from recent news reports. It's not just a problem experienced by hotels. They also infest the homes of many individuals. People are embarrassed that they have this problem but it's really not their fault. Bed bugs can live anywhere, but are most often found along the corners of mattresses."

"Our solution," Anderson continued, is to apply our heat solutions to the area where they are infested. "Heat treatments are often the only thing that works effectively." The solution uses intense heat to eradicate the pests. Anderson said he started the company with the idea to rid a person's home of the pests with his unique heat solution, which gives people back their security regarding bed bugs.

"Many people wonder why we don't use chemicals on bed bugs," Anderson continued. "The answer is simple: chemicals don't work. Bed bugs have gotten used to the chemicals and many survive the onslaught. Therefore, we had to find a solution that would work effectively every time. Heat gives a concentrated heat blast that attracts the bed bugs to the mattress because they think they are going to be fed. Then the temperature rises to over 120 degrees which exterminates them permanently."

Anderson added, "It's a tough way to die, " but when it comes to bed bugs, it's better them than us!

About Environmental Heat Solutions
Environmental Heat Solutions is a bed bug extermination company serving the northern Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania region. They pride themselves on expertise, professionalism, and environmentally friendly bed bug heat treatment methods. Their inspections utilize canine teams proven to be effective in uncovering bed bug infestations.