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A Guide to Custom Tape Adhesion from Phoenix Tape


Oradell, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2024 --While most may understand that not all tapes are made equally, this difference also translates to how good a particular tape may be at staying sealed based on environmental conditions, the temperature it was used it, and more. At Phoenix Tape & Supply, they offer a variety of different types of tape that work best in different conditions. From applications where clients need a versatile tape that will hold packages closed until finally opened by the customer or are looking for a tape that can be recycled, as well as tapes that work in low temperatures, they have the right options for any custom printed tape.

When customers think of using tape, water isn't typically part of that image. But with paper tape in order to get it to stick to the boxes it must be made wet with water, often a sponge or paper tape dispenser that wets the adhesive side of the tape. These paper tapes seal very well with cardboard boxes and can still feature custom printed graphics including logos, words, and more. An added bonus with paper tape is it can be recycled, which makes this an obvious choice for organizations looking for ways to increase their sustainability practices.

Other kinds of tapes are sometimes referred to as polypropylene tapes, but they are also called hot melt tapes because of the kind of adhesive that is used on them. These tapes feature a higher adhesion when compared with other kinds of tape, as well as higher tensile strength which helps to keep cartons sealed until they are opened by a user. These tapes are also ideal for use with machine applied taping.

Acrylic tapes offer a wider range of temperatures that they can be applied in, from just above freezing to up to 140 degrees, which is about 20 degrees warmer than hot melt or polypropylene tapes. Low temperature tapes are designed to be used in cold environments such as freezers and refrigerators. They will typically be applied in colder conditions and be subject to longer periods of time exposed to cold temperatures.

With all of the differences in the tape kinds that clients can get with Phoenix Tape & Supply, it is important to understand what they will be doing with the custom tape. Their team can discuss the different options with clients so that they have a custom tape that will be ideal for their situation. Contact them today to get started on an order of custom tape with a logo and other information.

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