Better Foundation Repair New Orleans

A Local Foundation Repair Company in New Orleans Urges Homeowners to Get Their Foundations Inspected Regularly


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2022 --Better Foundation Repair New Orleans, one of the highly rated foundation repair companies in New Orleans, reaffirms their commitment to area residents by urging them to schedule a foundation inspection!

Regular foundation inspections spot damage early so that homeowners can schedule needed foundation repairs without delay, stress the owners of Better Foundation Repair New Orleans. "Timely repairs are vital for keeping cracks, leaks, and other damage from spreading," they emphasize. "The larger and more extensive that damage, the costlier your eventual repairs."

They note that there are many other reasons to schedule regular foundation inspections. "One reason is that a quality foundation repair contractor always notes risks to your foundation during an inspection. For example, they might notice moisture collecting around a foundation from a poorly graded property. Or, they might see moisture coming from above, washing over the sides of clogged gutters." Why is this so important? "Fixing these issues can save you thousands on otherwise avoidable foundation repair!"

A full-scale foundation inspection in New Orleans also alerts homeowners to damage before a foundation becomes so weak that a house settles and sinks. A sunken home can require leveling and underpinning, and the owners of Better Foundation Repair New Orleans note that these fixes can run into thousands of dollars. "Additionally, a sunken home on a weak foundation leads to secondary damage." What is meant by this? "Secondary damage means damage around the home, separate from the foundation. For example, it's not unusual to see wall and ceiling cracks form on a property sitting on a weak foundation."
That secondary damage can also alert a homeowner to the need for a foundation inspection and repairs, they note. "If you see cracks forming on various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, the roof, or floors, your home needs a foundation check! Also, homeowners should be alert to sticking doors and windows or doors that swing open on their own. It might also sound odd, but items can easily start rolling across a floor or off a shelf in a home that needs foundation repair in New Orleans!"

While all this sounds like expensive repairs are in a homeowner's near future, the owners of Better Foundation Repair New Orleans stress that this isn't always the case. "In many cases, a foundation might only need minor crack patching and other inexpensive fixes. Then, a homeowner might invest in waterproofing or better grading for the soil. In turn, that investment of just a few hundred dollars can mean a foundation that stays in good condition for years to come. Also, an inspection can note that the foundation is in excellent condition, which can protect property values and put your mind at ease!"

The owners of Better Foundation Repair New Orleans are also eager to answer a common question many homeowners have about foundation repair in New Orleans. "We're often asked if a homebuyer should choose a home with foundation repair or if that's a bad sign. In truth, many foundation repair methods are designed to last for decades if not indefinitely. Consequently, high-quality repairs from reputable foundation repair companies in New Orleans can mean a home in good condition for as long as you own it."

On the other hand, homebuyers should consider carefully a property with existing foundation damage. "This is when you should schedule your own foundation inspection," they stress. "A home with foundation damage isn't necessarily a poor investment choice but you need to know the damage extent, repair costs, and if the property needs attention to prevent future damage. Once you know the work and costs involved, you can decide if the home is a good choice for you."

The owners of Better Foundation Repair New Orleans are currently offering area homeowners a no-cost, no-obligation foundation inspection and price quote for needed repairs. However, they stress that property owners should call and make their appointment quickly as available times are booking up fast! Knowing your home's overall condition also allows you to plan for needed repairs, they stress. Homeowners looking to take advantage of their inspection schedule should visit their website and use their contact form or just give them a call.