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A Man Who Loses His Vision Turns to Crowdfunding Campaign to Gain Funds for Important Operation

Jerry Collins is hoping the world will come together and help him raise the funds he needs for an operation to sort his vision problems. The funds raised will go towards important treatment that will help him lead a normal life.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2015 --Having 20-20 vision is something people take for granted, but if one day an accident happened or an illness occurred and that vision was taken away, how would a person feel. That is what happened to Jerry Collins, and now he is asking people to put themselves in his place and support his campaign to raise funds to correct his vision problems.

After an emergency surgery to remove a failed Artisan Lens on June 18, 2015, Jerry Collins found himself without vision in his left eye. Having realized a couple of days earlier that the vision in his left eye wasn't as clear as it should be, he visited his local eye doctor. He was referred to the Indiana Eye Clinic in Greenwood, where they promptly removed the replacement lens that Mr. Collins had been living with for more than a decade.

To fully restore the sight to Mr. Collins' left eye, he must first visit a retinal specialist to be sure that the eye is fully healed. The doctor will then decide if he can withstand the second surgical procedure. At that time, the retinal specialist will determine if additional care is still needed, or if the power lens replacement can be scheduled and performed.

Throughout this process, Jerry Collins, normally a DOT driver in the Indianapolis area, has found himself unable to work. While short-term disability is covering a majority of his expenses, there is the concern what will happen if he must have the same surgery to repair his right eye in the near future.

Jerry Collins said: "I launched the campaign hoping that people will come forward and help my dream of restoring my vision come true. I am a proud man, but I am asking people from all around the world including America, France, Canada, and the UK to support my campaign."

To alleviate the growing expenses from this current set of surgeries, and to potentially help pay for the surgery also to replace the artisan lense in his right eye, Jerry Collins needs help.

In exchange for contributing to his crowdfunding campaign, he is giving public shout-outs via social media.

For more information, or to contribute to Mr. Collins, please visit

About The Crowdfunding Campaign
The crowdfunding campaign was launched to help Jerry Collins regain his site and improve his lifestyle.