A Milestone Is Being Established, Opportunities and Hidden Dangers Behind the Listing of Coinbase


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2021 --On April 13th, BTC finally broke through the repeated shock of $60000, breaking through $62500 / piece, setting a new record.Eth also broke through 2200 US dollars / piece, a new record.Many people in the industry believe that the bull market is related to the upcoming direct listing of coinbase in Nike on the 14th.Global digital assets are witnessing a landmark event, which means that the first digital assets exchange will have its own place in the traditional financial market.

Influence of platform currency

According to official sources of coinbase, the US SEC has announced that the S-1 registration statement of coinbase has come into effect. Coinbase expects that its class a common shares will start trading on the NASDAQ Global Select market on April 14, 2021, with the stock code of "coin".After the release of the news, the platform currencies of the world's major digital asset exchanges, including China national currency (ZB), also rose sharply.

Based on the logic of platform currency, platform currency has some similarities with shares. Both of them can enjoy certain rights and interests in the platform, and they will get profits due to the development of the platform.

The difference between the two is that platform currency can participate in the transaction at any time and act as the intermediate currency of currency currency transaction on the platform. From this point, platform currency has the value of partial stable currency.And the shares can not participate in the transaction at any time, especially the shares that have not been formally listed will also be bought privately.

Of course, the impact of the listing of coinbase on the digital asset trading market is far beyond the platform currency.

Behind the listing of coinbase

Of course, it is impossible for coinbase to go public. It is reported that coinbase has raised a total of US $540 million in round e financing, and 59 investors, including Chinese investors, have participated in the financing.The more well-known investors include a16z, Tiger Fund, IVP, Dfj and Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ. Other well-known investors include New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Union Square ventures.

Behind the listing of coinbase is actually the result of many traditional financial industries moving closer to blockchain finance. The demand for financial structure change leads to traditional capital eager to change the old financial system and promote self innovation through the listing of coinbase.

From the perspective of blockchain industry, if coinbase is successfully listed, it must be recognized by the mainstream world of the global Internet in the field of digital asset trading.This will open the door for digital assets to enter the mainstream and participate in the construction of the global financial system, and the trust of ordinary digital asset participants in digital asset exchanges will also be greatly enhanced.

Opportunities and risks of listing coinbase

Coinbase was once regulated by various laws and regulations made by the federal, state, local and foreign governments and regulatory agencies in the United States.Throughout the world, coinbase is subject to increasingly stringent legal and regulatory requirements, which involve the detection and prevention of terrorist financing, anti money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities, competition regulations, economic and trade sanctions, privacy, network security, information security and data protection.These laws, regulations and rules (and their interpretations) are constantly changing and increasing in number.

The experience of coinbase is also the experience of the global digital asset trading platform. In order to cater to the mainstream listing, coinbase is bound to participate in and assist the regulatory authorities to review the above illegal acts.This means that digital assets will no longer be the currency in circulation in the "underground world", but can really become a commodity in the open, which can appear in the market and even participate in value exchange.

In addition, if the listing of coinbase is successful, it will also provide reference for other digital asset exchanges, which will enable the global digital asset exchanges to have sufficient cash flow, continuously develop more digital asset products, expand the scope of influence of digital asset trading, and the number of users of digital asset exchanges will continue to increase in a short period of time.

Once coinbase is listed, the risks faced by the digital asset field can not be ignored. More projects will be directly supervised, more project tokens will be directly removed from the exchange, and the development and operation of projects will face more constraints.This is undoubtedly fatal to some investors who like high-risk products.

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