A Movie to Help the Homeless: Outsiders

In today’s world, homelessness has sadly become a major issue that tends to be ignored. Here to help in solving this problem is a film by the name of Outsiders, produced by Alessandro Ugo.


Woodside, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2016 --Those in the field of public work, ranging from writers to reporters to cinematographers, have always felt that it is their duty to help convey the important issues of the day to the public. This sentiment has certainly been true for Alessandro Ugo, a respected filmmaker who is dedicated to a plethora of social issues. In the past, his films have covered other issues including both forced prostitution and the struggles of visually impaired children. Today the issue of homelessness can no longer be ignored. To bring attention to the situation homeless live in, Ugo and his team have begun production on a new film named Outsiders.

Outsiders will not just be a short film on the homeless population; the script of the film is fairly controversial. In order to engage audiences, Outsiders consistently features dark humor in its plot. The main character will even be portrayed by a famous comedian whose name will be kept secret until Outsiders's release. As a side benefit, a bit of humor keeps the Outsiders away from the realm of tear-jerking movies, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for audiences.

Aside from the goal of simply entertaining and informing viewers, the Outsiders production team aims to create real and tangible social change. To achieve this goal, any and all profits from the film's sales will go directly to charities that will use the money to efficiently aid the homeless population. This monetary aid alongside the increased awareness on the issue of homelessness will allow Alessandro Ugo and his team to have the greatest possible impact on the issue. Unfortunately, the filmmaking requires a massive amount of resources, and while the production team has poured gratuitous amounts of time and money into Outsiders, there are still uncovered overhead costs. To resolve this issue, Alessandro Ugo has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme. On the campaign page, anyone can donate for a variety of rewards ranging from an official film poster to an opportunity to meet the team. With the support of readers, Outsiders will change the way people view the issue of homelessness.

To learn more or support the film visit the crowdfunding campaign page.