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A New Australian Crowdfunding Campaign Gathers Funds for Fighting a Bully at Workplace

“I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was brought up with principles and one of those principles is that you have to stand up to bullies. Now I have and it’s destroying my life.” Says Simon James who launched his CrowdFunding campaign nearly two weeks ago to raise funds in preparation for a court battle with his own Government.


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2015 --Bullying is a persistent negative behavior that widely takes place within the workforce. According to Victorian Public Sector Statistics based on a survey performed in 2010, the overall percentage of respondents who have experienced bullying is 21 per cent and the percentage reporting having witnessed bullying is 34 per cent. Five per cent indicated that they experienced bullying and submitted a formal complaint. Despite this, around 80 per cent believe that bullying is not tolerated in their organization. Public Sector Statistics from governments across the world paint a similarly grim picture with their own bullying statistics.

Working as a public servant for the Victorian Government, Simon filed a formal written complaint for bulling with management at the end of last year, but he now needs to raise funding as a contingency for legal costs likely to be incurred should he be forced to take the Department to court.

"I want make it clear to those considering pledging funding, that the 'all-or-nothing' nature of the campaign is that pledges will only be drawn upon should the matter actually reach court. Of course, it is my hope that it can be resolved without having to go to court, but the process to date has left me with little confidence that I will receive 'natural justice.' - I have to be able to look my children in the eyes, and with conviction, tell them that no matter what, they must stand up to bullies."

Although Simon James loved his work and performed well for over two years in his current position within the Victorian Government, he now cannot normally perform his duties because he no longer believes his workplace is safe. Simon alleges that he is subjected to repeat bullying behaviours that have included patterns of continued personal criticism, coupled with intimidation and threats. He also says he has received unexplained job changes and repeated sabotaging of his work, coupled with intentional marginalization and isolation from the colleagues in the workplace.

With of all these problems at the workplace, the initial symptoms of anxiety and stress appeared along with a sleeping disorder until Simon was diagnosed as having a Major Depressive Disorder. That has affected even his closest personal relationships and his family life. He also suffers financial difficulties and has been on unpaid sick leave for more than six months.

Simon has appealed directly to the Secretary of his Department requesting that the Public Sector Commission review the exercise of the process associated with his case. He has yet to receive an acknowledgement or response but is hopeful that the review will lead to a re-examination of the particulars of his case without the need to have the matter decided in court.

Simon strongly believes that people should stand up to bullies to stop their unacceptable behavior. For this reason, he continues the fight, hoping that in taking his stand, he also lends support to others in the wider community, who may also be suffering at the hands of a bully, regardless as to whether that behavior is occurring in the workplace or the school-yard.

To support the Simon James's cause against bullying, please visit

About The Crowdfunding Campaign
The crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help Simon James to gain justice in court and to stand up to a bully.

Pledges, which can be left anonymously, will only be drawn upon if and when court papers are filed.

"Hopefully common-sense will prevail and my Department will demonstrate that it's anti-bullying rhetoric as enshrined in both cultural value statements and policies is something it is serious about."