A New Engineering Approach to Car Horsepower Measurement


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2020 --A new campaign was launched on January 14th, 2020 on Indiegogo. It is called "Car Addict" and claims to present a new engineering approach to car horsepower measurement. Indeed, it is a mobile app based on a method registered with patents GR1008172 and GR1009319, as well as with a US Patent Application for which first USPTO action is expected in the next months. In addition, the fully functional Android prototype of the app already features Arrow Certified Technology - Arrow Electronics is the largest US distributor of hardware components and a significant software advisory services provider in the nation and abroad.

According to the creator of Car Addict, Dionysios Mylonas (MSc in Chemical Engineering from UCLA, specialized in Fuels' Technology) all competing mobile apps do the same thing: they measure horsepower not at the crankshaft, but at the wheels. Then, in order to calculate horsepower at the crankshaft they assume a certain percentage of transmission loss, which is to a large extent arbitrary, and add it to the measured wheel horsepower. Car Addict is based on a totally different mechanical engineering approach, whereby powertrain losses, which include engine and/or electric motors as well as transmission ones, are measured; it does not simply assume a transmission loss percentage as competition does. As already implied, it is also applicable to electric and hybrid cars, for which, however, regeneration can be disabled. Finally, as opposed to competing apps, it unburdens the user of the need to know and input a larger number of parameters, such as aerodynamic drag coefficient, frontal area, rolling friction coefficient, transmission and gearbox type, etc.

All interested can visit the campaign's page on Indiegogo and see if the creator seems able to fulfill his promises.