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Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/30/2016 --Rideshare services have taken the country by storm. It is now a service that is in high demand and in most every major city in the United States. It is also a service that is growing rapidly and consequentially has placed a high demand on acquiring new independent self-employed drivers. These drivers are often in need of answers to typical questions and guidance. Answers to typical questions can often be found through diligent search efforts, however, these answers are scattered in piece-meal form and often outdated. Information in the rideshare community becomes outdated rapidly due to the constant growth of rideshare services and the consequential changes in how they are implemented.

About All About Rideshare
All About Rideshare is a website dedicated to the furtherance of rideshare services. Put online in early 2015, the website is updated, moderated and maintained by rideshare drivers who believe in bringing rideshare drivers into a tight-knit community. We at All About Rideshare believe in the power of a close community and we intend to implement that for drivers.

All About Rideshare Goals

The goal is to bring these answers into one place for easy access for all rideshare drivers across all platforms. Furthermore, these answers and guides are screened and updated by the general rideshare community to ensure their accuracy, currency and relevance.

Strategy Implementation

To achieve these goals, All About Rideshare has created a website dedicated to uploading blogpost highlighting the most common questions on a regular basis. Blog post topics are based on feedback from the user base. Additionally, All About Rideshare allows for guest bloggers to post on unique experiences they have had and special topics that may yet to have impacted the community as a whole but are likely to. Lastly, All About Rideshare has a forum in development that will allow drivers to post specific questions and get answers rapidly from other drivers in the general community or a geographically specific community.

In Conclusion

All About Rideshare has dedicated itself to enhance the camaraderie between drivers and build a knowledgeable, talented and professional community of rideshare drivers.

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