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A New KNX Smart Touch V40 Made Its Debut


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/29/2020 --As one of the leading players in the smart building and IoT services, GVS has always been committed to invest in researching and innovation of the smart home and smart security technologies. On June 17, 2020, GVS has launched its latest smart touch panel KNX Smart Touch V40, which aims bringing big changes to the traditional way people controlling with their home electrical appliances, making their daily life more intelligent and offering more comfort.

As is reported by GVS, several highlights of KNX Smart Touch V40 are equipped to meet the diversified needs of the end users.

Highly Customizable Feature
Not like most touch panels which support only fixed icons and backgrounds, the KNX Smart Touch V40 support fully customized icons, screen-savers, backgrounds based on the needs of the customer.

Considering the diversified needs of users in different countries and cultural backgrounds, this KNX Smart Touch V40 will allow users to have the most desirable UI pages they like, which will surely bring their ideas to the real smart home they have, not being forced to receive and accept.

Updated Timing Feature
Except from the customization on UI, the V40 can also realize a specific timing function for the KNX system it connects to, i.e. changing the scenario or smart home functions in accordance with the time of sunrise/sunset, which is definitely a very practical way to realize smart control either in a home or a public construction.

No Code, No Control
In public constructions, a general problem occurs often is that "who has the right to take control of the electrical equipment"? In this V40 this headache is solved perfectly with the password function. The devices can be assigned with different passcodes with access to different functions, or different control areas, hence users with different right will be able to deliver different controls.

Take a hotel for an example, the manager shall have the right to access all controls including the lobby, stairways, meeting room, guest room etc., while the cleaner or security guards shall only be granted with controls of certain areas or functions, they use different pass word to enter different functional pages.

Easy Installation
A new installation structure design is adopted in the KNX Smart Touch V40 which can be compatible with standard European wall-box, British wall-box, Swiss wall-box, Australian wall box etc., no specific wall-mounted box is needed.

A Design of Classic and Elegance
The black brush finish applied in the appearance design of the KNX Smart Touch V40 makes it very textured and reveals an extraordinary feel. Besides, it is completely comparable to that of high-end mobile phones because of its smooth operation experience and high resolution ratio of the IPS screen (480 * 480 with 16 million colors).

It is undeniable that GVS's new product launch is a complete success. A large number of fans who witnessed the release said they were excited to catch on this new product launch of the GVS smart touch panel and they'd try it out immediately.

The new product launch has brought greater impetus to GVS. And GVS states that it will bring more surprise products to customers through continuous efforts.

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