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A New Outlet for Innovation and Development of the Blockchain Industry


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2020 --Human society is undergoing a digital transformation, not less than the significant changes brought about by the second maritime navigation era.

The Internet era has produced massive amounts of data, while the number of data has further increased in the age of the mobile Internet. With a large amount of data becoming assets in various industries and new economic models being generated at the same time, the financial shape of the entire human society has changed.

Today, the digital economy has penetrated all aspects of people's lives, increasing efficiency and bringing a lot of conveniences; on the other hand, it has also created unprecedented risks.

How to build trust in the digital space? This sounds a bit like a philosophical problem. People need to use newer technologies to solve the problems caused by new technologies.

Blockchain technology is a new technological means to solve the trust problem in the era of the digital economy. Nowadays, this technology has begun to enter China's economic life.

Essentially, a blockchain is a shared database that stores data or information in it. It has the characteristics of being unforgeable, keeping marks throughout the whole process, traceability, openness and transparency, and collective maintenance. Based on these characteristics, it has laid a solid foundation for trust.

Blockchain is a digital trade infrastructure that creates a new order of global freedom, fairness, honest trade, and a new credit system. As the world's largest trading country and the world's second-largest economy, China will shoulder the historical mission of leading the construction of digital infrastructure in the era of the global digital economy. In October 2019, the country officially made it clear that blockchain will be used as an essential breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, and will accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

The future development of China's economy depends on innovation. All regions are looking for new areas that can support their growth. Jiangbei New Area, as a new outlet for the innovation and development of the blockchain industry, is the first batch of cities in China to announce the establishment of tens of billions of blockchain industry funds, and it is also the first city to develop based on blockchain. In terms of blockchain development, Jiangbei New Area has gathered a large number of related companies from application scenarios and infrastructure cultivation, and promoted the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy. The ecology of the blockchain industry is emerging.

n April 20, the state framed the scope of new infrastructure for the first time in three aspects: information infrastructure converged infrastructure and innovative infrastructure. This is also the first time that blockchain technology infrastructure has been identified as a new type of support at the national level.

As the first city of the 5G chain network, Jiangbei New Area proposed to use blockchain as the underlying technology to build a new 5G network information space architecture and promote the development of a new generation of Internet platform economy based on point-to-point value exchange.

With the overlapping of the "Three Zones" development policies of the National New Zone, the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the South Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Jiangbei New Area will undertake a more critical innovation mission, building blockchain with cross-border trade and blockchain with the finance-based platform.

The new district takes full advantage of the opportunities given by the times to form an inclusive financial infrastructure and application ecosystem featuring cross-border trade applications, and gradually build a unified international standard for blockchain and cross-border trade technology and applications, expand the use of blockchain in the financial field and other industries on this basis, and form an ecology of relevant blockchain industry application.

Jiangbei New Area will combine the actual development of the industry, with blockchain and big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies as the support, and strive to make the new area become a highland of the blockchain industry in China.

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