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A New Pharmacy Brings Advanced Treatment Options to Kingsberg Medical Clients

HRT needs are being met by our new pharmacy offering the best in brand name and compounded medications.


Alpharetta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2015 --We are happy to announce the addition of a new pharmacy bringing the most advanced options in brand name and specialty compounded medications. Kingsberg Medical's hormone replacement therapy patients will have an even wider range of choices for human growth hormone therapy and low testosterone treatment. In order to learn if these programs will benefit you, it is necessary to start with a blood test to check for IGF-1 (insulin growth factor – 1) which tells our doctors if growth hormone deficiency is an issue. This blood test can also check for free and total testosterone. A deficiency in this area indicates as problem with Low Testosterone levels.

New prescription medications are now available from our doctors to treat these conditions. With the support of this pharmacy, we are better equipped to help our clients combat symptoms commonly associated with aging. Symptoms such as weight gain and a loss of muscle mass, tiredness and a lack of stamina, aching joints and muscles, and diminished sex drive indicate that a hormone deficiency may be causing havoc. In reality, these are not ailments related to age. They are actually caused by decreased amounts of growth hormone and testosterone circulating in the body.

With new products of outstanding quality being added to our established HGH therapy programs, our clients will experience restored quality of life and overall good health. Our doctor prescribed testosterone treatment regimen will also receive an added boost with quality medications being integrated into these programs. Kingsberg Medical provides a huge catalog of information on its website, along with professional medical advisors who can answer any questions about this new pharmacy and the doctor prescribed programs available for those who qualify.

Men and women dealing with stored fat and obesity, sagging skin and hair loss, diminished immune system, lagging brain functions, poor energy and stamina, and infertility will find relief through doctor prescribed medical therapy utilizing HGH Injections and injectable testosterone. Additional forms of therapy may be available by prescription from our new pharmacy if our doctor decides they would be helpful in overcoming these health issues.

Both growth hormone and testosterone affect a wide range of physical, mental and emotional functions in the body. Kingsberg Medical provides detailed information throughout its website to help people gather useful details and make educated decisions about their health care. In the later years of life, lower hormone levels create a specific set of problems which our doctors address. Hormone replacement therapy has been praised for helping women with menopausal issues for over 6 decades. However, men suffering from andropause (the slowing of hormone production commonly associated with aging) have only been included in the research more recently.

While age certainly may play a part in the decline of growth hormone and testosterone production in both men and women, it is more likely to be poor diet, inadequate exercise, lack of sleep, and too much stress which is primarily responsible for this failure in the endocrine system. Correcting these health problems and restoring good health is best accomplished with quality name brand and specialty compounded doctor prescribed medications. Kingsberg Medical's professional staff members and doctors are available to answer any and all questions, and now with the addition of their latest pharmacy, they are able to provide even better doctor prescribed HGH and testosterone therapy programs for their patients.