A New Regulation Crowdfunding Platform Is Born — Title3Funds Is Restructuring the Investing Landscape for the Adventure Capitalist


Laguna Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2019 --In 2016 under Title III of the JOBS ACT the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began allowing the general public to invest in private companies in exchange for securities, such as equity and debt, termed Regulation Crowdfunding, or Reg CF. As a result, not only millionaires with connections but now the general public has the opportunity to "get in early." Title3Funds champions this new breed of investor, referring to them as the Adventure Capitalist.

Bruce Virga, Title3Funds CEO says, "Instead of investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds then losing a giant chunk of their 401K whenever the market crashes, the Adventure Capitalist invests small amounts of money in numerous private companies they like or believe in. The Adventure Capitalist hopes to hit home runs as these companies grow."

"Adventure Capitalists are aspirational, they believe the world can be shaped through investing their money into people, products, and services they're passionate about,'' says Ronald A. Hirsch, Title3Funds Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer. "They understand that there's a great deal of risk that comes with all investments in new companies, but they're willing to take that risk because they vehemently believe that the startups they are investing in offer products and solutions the world wants and needs." will launch its initial startup offerings early in 2020. Early-stage companies can apply to raise funds at Anyone interested in investing can signup to receive information and announcements from Title3Funds at

About Title3Funds
Title3Funds was founded by Chief Strategy Officer, Ronald A. Hirsch, a Wall Street veteran, venture capitalist and CEO & Chairman of a publicly-traded company. He recognizes the intrinsic value of the Title III regulation in paving the way for alternative financing for startups and alternative investing to everyday Americans.

Bruce Virga, CEO & Co-Founder, is a multiple-time successful startup founder with three decades of experience building and scaling now acquired software companies. He leverages proven startup knowledge while driving growth, profitability, strategic alliances, and operational success within software companies.

Kim LaFleur, CTO, spent 25+ years in retail direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce technology and marketing, building, and growing 100+ brands across a wide range of verticals. Kim brings prior FinTech experience with Reg CF startups and investors from her time working with Security Token Academy (formerly NextGen Crowdfunding).

Amy Wan, CEO of Sagewise & Bootstrap Legal and a practicing securities attorney, is an active adviser for Title3Funds. Amy also hosts her own podcast "Law & Blockchain" on the Bitcoin Podcast Network.

Title3Funds Vs. Other Funding Portals

Anyone familiar with the Equity Crowdfunding industry can probably name several active platforms. However, Title3Funds is implementing many features that are unparalleled in the industry. Firstly, Title3Funds is focused on Regulation Crowdfunding and the SEC Reg CF exemption exclusively. They'll utilize a smaller number of financial instruments and have built a straightforward funding portal for both the startup issuer and new investor. Additionally, Title3Funds will not create overly complicated deal structures that are challenging for the novice investor to understand. Instead, they plan to create mutually beneficial deal structures that serve both the startup and the investor equally.

Title3Funds is rigorously vetting potential issuers, looking at factors such as the team, market size, and value proposition. In order to promote success, startup criteria also involve individuals who have a history of reliability, entrepreneurial tenacity, and competence and are looking to raise as little as $100k for a relatively unique concept. While anyone can view live campaigns on, those interested in investing must register with Title3Funds. Finally, startups that are accepted by Title3Funds will be paired with a trained adviser to navigate the preparation for the campaign launch, marketing, and post-raise activities.