A New UT Startup Thinks They Can Beat an Interior Designer with Artificial Intelligence


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2018 --A student-led startup out of the University of Texas Austin has developed an innovative way to select paint colors for a new room. Their technology combines the experience of an interior designer and the automation of artificial intelligence to make this process simple and fast.

Millions of homeowners change the paint in their homes each year to give their property an aesthetic upgrade. More than 75 percent of the time they spend on these renovations is devoted to choosing the right paint color.

Tinted is a new mobile app that aims to change the way people get access to interior design advice. Using the app, users enter basic information, like which room they are planning to paint, the amount of natural light in the room and their general color preferences. They'll also be shown comparison photos to help narrow down their taste even further.

Tinted's professional interior designer then works side by side with artificial intelligence to select the right colors for each user's unique needs. The company then ships a design color package to their home that includes dried paint samples, which are 5 to 10 times the size of the small chips people can pick up at the store. This allows the customer to make a final choice without messy wet paint samples, small chips or unneeded trips to the hardware store. Users will also receive customized design advice that relates to the DIY painting projects they are working on.

One early product tester raved about the service, saying, "I had bought over 12 samples and painted areas of my room prior to having my Tinted Package. I could not find even ONE color that I liked. I purchased the paint color suggested in the package and it was PERFECT."

Tinted has partnered with PPG, the world's largest paint and coatings manufacturer. The brand consistently delivers stylish colors and high-quality paint products, making it the perfect choice for this venture.

To help finalize app development and bring the service to the general marketplace, Tinted's creators have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign's funding target is $4,500, but the company has the inventory available to support more than four times that amount in orders. Tinted already has a working prototype and the inventory needed to begin shipping products today.

Those who back the campaign will receive discounts off future services, starting from contributions of just $30 for a single-room color package. Increasing contribution levels will allow customers to choose colors for multiple rooms. Tinted aims to deliver all backer rewards by May 2018. The company will be ready for full-scale production in time for summer.