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A New Way to Healthy Lifestyle with AVE40

AVE40 website is redesigned and online now.


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2017 --"AVE40 will lead more smokers to their healthy life" said Jhins Zheng, CEO of AVE40, after ave40.com is redesigned and online now.

AVE40, founded in 2013, covering more than 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, taking 80% of the local customer groups, being as one of the top Cross Border E-commerce companies in Electronic Cigarette industry, has topped its total sales volume of over 75 million US Dollars at the end of 2016. It is safe to say that AVE40 has become a main channel for all the worldwide vapers to get access to a large variety of vape.

In response to the expanding requirement for foreign market, AVE40 went through a huge website redesign just a few days ago. The redesign website has a unique set of design goal - to make it more streamlined and more organized, so the right customer can easily find the right item.

"Customers were always limited in what information they could access and how they could access to it faster. I believe they're going to find our new website much more user-friendly."

Back in early 2013, AVE40 has already published its original website. But the website had a lot of text and numbers – it was quite overwhelming and the wealth of information also created a poverty of attention there.

Today, the redesigned ave40.com is much more compact and rational compartmentalized. The new home page shows the breadth of their services and expertise with its unique fresh, passionate orange color. The orange highlights the company's unique branding throughout other pages.

"The old website's gray-blue color mood didn't accurately represent our company's values and branding," said Jhins. "But our new orange essential color gives customers a more, well, ave40-like buying experience. This is very different from what we had before."

Also, built with modern customer in mind, ave40.com is more responsive and has an interface that is much more friendly.

Firstly, the redesigned website features a flat, transparent, less intrusive navigation bar lines at the top of the home page, as well as a new 'semi-concealed' side menu on the side taking shoppers directly to the expected categories. These two are humanization designs. "We want to squeeze a lot more into the page in a more comfortable way." Jhins said.

Secondly, the search bar on the homepage is also worth mentioning. In the option to search by category, for example, you can click on "Starter kits" to select the exact product category that you are looking for. Also, each category has its own secondary options for advanced search and explore.

Thirdly, the new website carries an upgraded content management back-end. "We believe the usability of a good online shopping website should benefit both the end user and the administrators of the website and we are happy to see the reduced number of incidents and customers' assistance requests."

Beyond the visual redesign, ave40.com also adopts the integrated Internet Data Exchange technology helping marketing teams to outlined possible buyer and regions for the latest vaping product and allows the vendor customers to see how products are selling in their local areas. By doing this, AVE40 is catering to an emerging class of foreign consumers and vendors who are willing to shop online and get a deducted price and reasonable shipping freight.

"We try to have an initial step towards developing a better understanding of foreign customers and their own perceptions of online shopping services and this could make a negligible contribution to the cross-cultural marketing in the long term." Jhins said.

On the one hand, AVE40 actively distinguishes itself in the global trade-shows around the world, such as USA, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia, etc. They initiate the Strategic Partnering Plan and New Customer Development Plan with certain international business partners such as VGod, a strictly A-list US brand and MYLK, one of the biggest E-liquid manufacturers.

On the other hand, AVE40 is not just a supplier for vaping products, but also owns the largest vapor media in Asia, the VPBus (www.vpbus.com). When a wide range of vapers are turning to social networks for a variety of things, like watching vaping tricks, reading products reviews and staying on top of latest vaping trends, this social media platform, as a deep link in further training of AVE40's market impact, is going to align the initiative with the development strategies of ave40.com

The interaction with online buyers is going to improve," said Loretta Huang, the AVE40's Social Media Director, "Our platform on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is where you get to discover great Vaping products and fresh amusing things. After reading what other clients say, our community members will be more confident about buying one on ave40.com

Also there will be a sign-in access linked to customer's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. "This improvement provides quick access to our website and services. We think that our social media community will love it." Loretta said.

Video contents also play bigger roles on the new. For starters, unboxing videos, instructional videos and more reviews are now posted sooner and in a more visible locale for those who wish to view them.

Similarly, Site visitors can also access review articles and more information through ave40.com's blog section, which is updated regularly. AVE40 have been doing this blog section for some time, it allows the company to connect with global vapers and share their vaping expertise and knowledge.

"We are particularly excited with our new blog section and we are still fine-tune it as we go. We will make sure it is frequently updated with fresh contents, and people won't get tired of it." Jihns said.