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A Pixel's Worth a Thousand Words

ADMARK advertising and marketing Ltd. is a start up company, looking to revolutionise the concept of mobile phone advertising, in a way which will beneficial to both business owners and mobile phone users alike.


Sheung Wan, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2015 --Admark asks 'Have you ever given any thought to how that mysterious icon ended up on your mobile phone? Or annoyed that ads are appearing on your notification bar? Think that by hijacking your phone to advertise their products to you, companies are taking just a little bit of a liberty? You are not alone.'

With ad blocking software gaining in popularity, recent studies show that there is almost open hostility towards these types of ads. Businesses know that they need to advertise their products on a medium used nearly 24 hours a day, they are also keenly aware that these types of ads are turnoffs, the industry has had no answer for this as yet.

ADMARK is the collaborative efforts of advertising executives and top technology companies to create an ethical and transparent solution. An ad platform, via a free app, that will allow firms to engage with customers in a professional manner. A spokesperson was quoted as saying:

'We have taken the original concept of selling pixels, created a decade ago by Alex Tew's innovative million dollar homepage site and have brought the idea well and truly up to date by linking the pixel ads to a private ad network via a free mobile app. The app will generate ads from our website onto the phone users lock screen. By downloading the free app the phone owner becomes our affiliate partner and therefore becomes entitled to a share of our advertising revenue'.

The spokesperson concluded 'We are putting phone owners back in control of their phones whilst encouraging companies to sell the way the customer wants to buy not the way they want to sell'

Internet and mobile users will soon face a stark choice, block ads and lose their much loved 'free' social network and entertainment services. Or begrudgingly accept the fact that 'free' services and 'free' apps are only really free because that annoying spam ad and push notification actually pays the bills. ADMARK offer an alternative, a reward based, intent casting style, advertising solution.

The company has been applauded for its brilliant thought process and it might end up being the biggest breakthrough in this industry. Not only is this concept an excellent way to ensure that both parties get to enjoy benefits, it is also a way to make sure that the process of digital advertising is ethical as well as transparent.

The idea of paying the phone owner for space creates a far more ethical relationship with consumers, which in turn builds trust and promotes the feel good factor that inspires people to buy. ADMARK is looking to change how people interact with advertising, through change in culture and technology. That is the premise that ADMARK 's founders are staking their reputation on.

The release date for ADMARK's free App is Q1 2016 however phone owners can register for the app and Business owners can buy advertising space right now.

To learn more about how you can become part of the campaign, visit:

ADMARK has taken the original concept of selling advertising space, created a decade ago by Alex Tew with his innovative pixel website the Million Dollar Homepage, bringing his brilliant idea well and truly up to date by linking the pixels adverts to a private ad network via a free mobile app.

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