A Portal Into an Alternate Universe Opened in Minnesota


Lake Shore, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2018 --Scot Kinney, from Lake Shore, Minnesota, claims to have opened a portal into an Alternate Universe.

"It was Feb 29th, 2012, when I first went through the portal.", Kinney says. "I've been through countless times now, and so have a lot of other people."

After opening the portal, Kinney assembled a team of experts to help construct a large 'Disrupter' ship they called the Magellan to help them get around the solar system they found themselves in.

"It's absolutely beautiful", he says, "there are five earth-like planets and several other planets and lots of moons to be explored. All of the earth-like planets, we call them home worlds, have ruins that look like something out of Earth's ancient past. We've built 50 more Disrupter ships over the last few years and they're ready to go. It's not for the feint of heart but if you've got a pioneering spirit you should join us!"

If this sounds like some wild, science fiction story, that's because it is. Those 50 Disrupter ships? They're available via their Kickstarter page from now until August 16th.

The AlterVerse is really a VR world and game creation platform currently in development. According to Kinney, the platforms' Founder and Project Lead, it is compatible with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive but also fully playable without a VR headset. Using blockchain technology, the platform will offer Limited Edition Game Servers and Limited Edition Citizenships, a game industry first. Other blockchain driven Scarce Digital Assets will be also be available for trade in their marketplace and on 3rd party markets.

"Once complete," Kinney says, "the AlterVerse will be populated with many interconnected worlds in a variety of themes such as Scifi, Medieval, Roman/Greco, Pirates, Vikings, and more." Players will be able to create their own worlds and games on a collaborative building platform; explore existing worlds; engage in survival adventures, raids, and competitive quests; and connect with others for social interaction. Starting with the introductory game AlterVerse: Disruption, additional worlds and games will be released in stages over the next year or so.

AlterVerse: Disruption

The first game, AlterVerse: Disruption, can be played solo or in teams (Alliances) competing for top scores with other players, featuring:

Solo and Co-op Raids. Launch a solo raid on an unsuspecting ship or join an Alliance and raid other Alliance's ships in a Raid Challenge. It's Capture the Flag in space!

Quest for the Keys. An intense, timed adventure, fraught with dangers to retrieve the keys and reset the ships' controls to regain power from an invading force.

Social Connections. With built-in voice chat, hang out with other players on the Bridge or in Mama Bahama's Lounge in the aft sector and brag about your exploits.

AlterVerse: Disruption will soon be available on Steam's Early Access. Several other worlds and games in the AlterVerse series are also nearing completion.


Scot Kinney was on a mission to create an online community which allowed people to:

1) socialize in awe-inspiring 3D environments from all over the world,
2) play a wide assortment of exciting games alone and in teams, and
3) create their own 3D games and environments.

So, in 2012, along with co-founder and Lead Programmer Michael Reino, and several talented collaborators, they took a risk and started Dog Star VR Studios, an indie game studio in the purist sense. With much effort, tenacity, and grit; and years of trial and error, Dog Star VR Studios is now on the verge of releasing AlterVerse: Disruption, the first in a series of games on Steam's Early Access.

"We're reaching out to the Kickstarter community to help us raise the funds to successfully market our launch on Steam and to help test all of the features," Kinney said.

"We're developing the engine, the tools, the framework, the game mechanics, and the first games to get the platform started." Reino said. "After that, we'll put it into the hands of the people to create their own awesome worlds and games."

The Limited Edition Citizenships and Disrupter Ships/Game Servers are available now on from 8.1.18 - 8.16.18. They will be offered in numbered order on a first come first serve basis.

"We'll see you soon, in the AlterVerse..." Kinney said with a smile, then disappeared in a swirl of blue light.