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A Story of Inspiration and Transformation Told by Yves Nager in Hawaiian Rebirth

Yves Nager tells his story of transformation, inspiration and helping others on his journey in Hawaiian Rebirth.


Corte Madera, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2018 --Hawaiian Rebirth: Questions, Stories and Strategies to Guide You to Your Life's Purpose is the newest book by author, healing facilitator, nidra yoga teacher, and life coach Yves Nager. In it,Yves leads readers on a journey of spiritual and professional self-discovery, starting with his own.

By interweaving stories of his travels, learning experiences and many adventures around the globe, Nager presents a roadmap to help people who seek to find their purpose in life, and hopefully fulfil their destinies.

Hawaiian Rebirth is published by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press whose founder, Jesse Krieger, has much in common with Hawaiian Rebirth's author, Yves Nager. Both men are globetrotters andhave found their calling in life through their travels and adventures.

Author Yves Nager believes each one of us has the common goal of finding true meaning in our lives, albeit in separate paths. In Hawaiian Rebirth, he aims to help the reader commit to moving along with their most close-to-heart plans and desires - and truly believe in them - despite all the challenges and obstacles that will more than likely be encountered along the way.

"Yves Nager (a truly passionate adventurer of life and a humble mystic) shows brilliantly in his new book, Hawaiian Rebirth, how following your heart and continuously choosing in favor of your passions lead you to a life filled with wonder, a sense of destiny, and unlimited possibilities of living your greatness." Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches.

Hawaiian Rebirth is a book for those uncertain of their life's true path, yet are inspired and determined to grow their talents with perseverance, flexibility and openness.