California Drought

A Sustainable Solution to the California Drought

A Pilot project in California to generate water from air as renewable 100% off-grid.


Lake Elsinore, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --In sunny California a talented mechanical engineer with an environmental conscience is looking to both the past and to the future for renewable resources. Joerg Brand has the solution to the California drought and is planning a non-for profit demonstration project to show the US how water can be extracted from the desert air.

Joerg has recently launched a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund the pilot demonstration and collate valuable results and findings during the trial periods.

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The global warming crisis has been steadily worsening, reducing the already limited groundwater that is available. California is a state that relies heavily upon its agricultural activity and as such uses vast quantities of groundwater, depleting the supplies at an alarming rate. It is also the home of Sunesty LLC, the engineering business backing the sustainability project. Joerg Brand is the CEO of Sunesty LLC, and has also been working on similar projects in Germany with the expertise necessary to succeed. Joerg admits that whilst the concept of extracting water from the air is not a new one, it is a solution. He believes that the project will provide more effective results than water reservoirs or wells to supply additional water. Joerg believes that real results will be delivered as this project is put into action.

The project completion from beginning to end is expensive, requiring $56,000US to meet the financial requirements, however once constructed it operates entirely on its own. As a result it can operate literally anywhere it is constructed, with the use of solar and wind produced energy. Joerg is tired and frustrated with political tactics and pointless promises. He is excited to produce real results and, finally a solution to a global water crisis.

The predicted results of the project include up to 150L per day produced, with a performance of up to 10KW of energy produced per day by the solar and wind components. Joerg's Indiegogo campaign offers full detailed plans and technical details of the project. Contributors and interested parties are encouraged to access this information through the Kickstarter campaign.

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A renewable water supply that is also sustainable is already necessary as the world's groundwater continues to dry up. California is in a desperate state as it continues through one of the longest droughts ever experienced. Joerg Brand has provided the ideas to the solution, now it is up to the crowds to turn the project into a reality!