A-Team "IT Guys" Are Powering Up 30 Non-Profits with Tailored Website Infrastructure and Digital Support


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2018 --Even non-profits need a digital footprint, and their complex and worthy projects often deserve a fully-functional, professional website — at least, that's the driving force behind World Wide Developers' newest initiative and crowdfunding campaign known as "Give IT to the World". It's an effort that intends to connect 30 non-profit projects and organizations with WWD's team of IT professionals, their technical knowledge, and digital know-how.

To support each of these 30 non-profits, the WWD IT team plans on eight points of focus, including: the provision of fast and scalable VPS servers, 24/7 uptime monitoring, IT support and care, security and prevention, a professional approach to troubleshooting and process, website design and development, graphic design and guidance, and technical workshops.

The initial budget is $35,000, which is also the goal of the campaign. Backers can opt for multiple levels of contribution, each with their own perks. This includes a $55 USD contribution for 12 varying designs of professional business cards, a $100 USD contribution level that is rewarded with a website test and report of findings, $500 USD for a personal website with six different demos, and more.

Providing a diverse but interconnected set of services and skills such as system administration, web design, web development, graphic design and marketing, the goal of the WWD IT team is to bring non-profit projects to life by supporting their digital and online presence. The program began in 2017, when the team kicked off a support project for non-technologists, where they were able to see, firsthand, the kind of instant impact and massive gains non-profit projects could really be empowered to experience, given just a little bit of ongoing and professional, technical support.

These tangible results sparked the WWD to expand their mini-project further, asking themselves how they could help make a difference in the backends of non-profit organizations who themselves are trying to make a difference. Given WWD's gamut of IT experience, the answer seemed very clear: Remove the issue of funding, freeing up the team to dedicate their entire focus and professional expertise in order to focus on organizations that need technology to bring their social ideas and projects to life.

It's often the start-up and take-off stages that are the trickiest for burgeoning non-profits and their emerging projects to handle. With a tight budget, a limited amount of time and financial resources, and, often, a competitive process for local grants that might support development, the IT team at World Wide Developers feel that this is the critical point at which most organizations need the greatest IT help.

Once they're up and running, non-profits with a strong backend can enhance the running of their operations in a more streamlined manner. WWD's "Give IT to the World" campaign focuses on four main areas of benefit, including helping organizations access necessary IT without the need for skilled personnel, make new technologies useful and available for non-profits, stimulating their growth and management of staff, increasing awareness of the possibilities for further growth using technology, and building a knowledge base for non-profit access and searches for free, effective solutions.