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A Wearable Weight Loss Product Has Been Launched to Help People with Their Weight Loss Battle

In the world where obesity has become a serious problem in America, Canada, and the UK, more people are now looking to lose weight in a safe and controlled manner. One product that is helping people to lose weight is the Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT weight loss product.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2015 --Laylee Promotions is pleased to announce a new wearable weight loss product is now available on a free trial. The latest addition to the line of weight loss products has proven to be one of the most successful solutions in helping people to lose weight and stay healthy.

The Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT weight loss solution allows a person to lose weight in a positive manner. It is a technological breakthrough in the field of weight management, allowing people to avoid the costly weight loss gimmicks on the market and lose weight using a natural formula.

The wearable weight loss product has been recommended by fitness experts due to its positive results. It allows a person to lose weight without having to result in using weight loss pills that can contain chemicals, which can cause serious side effects.

A spokesman for Laylee Promotions said: "The Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT weight loss product is becoming a real solution to people wishing to lose weight and become healthy."

The wearable weight loss solution, which is available on a three day trial when you sign up at, aims to help people to improve their health and well-being.

The wearable weight loss solution is easy to use and simply requires the user to put ot on a dry part of their skin. The formula boosts the metabolic rate, promotes healthy and clean weight control without fostering muscle deterioration

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Thrive Lifestyle DFT is a revolutionary weight loss, health promotion and nutritional product. Distributorships are available to promote and sell the product.

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