A Zoo with a Conscience – eZOO Welcomes Cheempo


La Massana, Andorra -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2016 --The Zoo with a conscience welcomes Cheempo as the first of many characters to represent a unique way of viewing and enjoying animals. The eZOO is a paradigm shift using a variety of multimedia audio-visual technologies to display animals without enclosures and captivity. By supporting eZOO through Indiegogo, backers have the opportunity to receive a plush Cheempo toy to begin their eZOO experience!

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The eZOO concept is simple and allows the consumer a comprehensive animal viewing experience that also supports the animal's protection and conservation. The eZOO allocates fifty percent of its profits to the protection of biodiversity in reserves, sanctuaries and national parks, making it the ideal choice for those who are conscientious regarding the welfare of animals. eZOO and it's eZOON characters are also a wonderful choice of gift for children. The eZOO experience, along with the plush eZOON character, influences the child from a young age to follow a sustainable and natural approach to view the animals. It also encourages their environmental education and respect for the preservation of the animal's habitats.

Cheempo is the first of the eZOO characters, the eZOONs. Cheempo is available through the Indiegogo crowdfunding link Funds raised directly through Cheempo will be dedicated to assisting the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to improve the living conditions of chimpanzees. Cheempo comes with additional Augmented Reality compatible to smart phones or tablets. The additional content will serve to educate supporters and backers, and will show the natural habitat of the chimpanzees. The eZOON collection will be available in various forms of media, including the plush toy, video games, books and other toys.

The specific focus of Cheempo and the Jane Goodall Institute is to support the already laid foundations that protect chimpanzees in distress worldwide. With additional emphasis on the Tchimpounga rehabilitation center the JGI has in Congo and the chimpanzee research & conservation projects in Senegal. The JGI has many YouTube video clips that are emotionally stirring and encourage everyone to share a vision and a voice for these animals that are so closely related to humans.

About Cheempo
Cheempo is the first of many eZOON characters that are soon to be released.

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