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AAA Public Adjusters Now Fighting for Property Owners in Virginia and North Carolina


Feasterville-Trevose, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2017 --AAA Public Adjusters is the premier public adjusting firm in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. AAA Public Adjusters has been helping East Coast property owners for over twenty years and now they are expanding their services to North Carolina and Virginia territory.

What is a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster helps insureds receive the maximum settlement for their losses. A public adjuster can assist with every part of the claims filing process. They file the claim, scope the loss, and negotiate for the highest settlement. Most property owners aren't aware that it is their responsibility to present the loss to their insurance company and demonstrate the burden of proof.

Unfortunately, insureds can't depend on their insurance company working in their best interests. In fact, insurance company adjusters are given performance bonuses for minimizing losses. Before filing a claim in North Carolina or Virginia, it is best to consult an adjuster from AAA Public Adjusters. AAA Public Adjusters will ensure that the insured avoids common claim filing mistakes such as; improperly documenting the loss, misinterpreting the conditions of the policy, or not understanding the cause of the loss.

Below, are just a few examples of losses public adjusters can negotiate:

A. Fire
B. Smoke
C. Wind
D. Water Damage
E. Sewage
F. Storm
G. Vandalism

When Can an Insured use a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster in Sussex County, Virginia, is usually called at the time of the loss. A public adjuster will file the claim on the insured's behalf and scope the property for maximum settlement. AAA Public Adjusters in Richmond, Virginia, will negotiate with the insurance company adjuster to ensure that the property owner will receive the money they deserve. If the insured is not satisfied with their initial settlement offer, they can still use a public adjuster's service. Many property owners are not aware that a claim does not end when the settlement check is issued. Insureds have up to a year to file for an additional settlement if their funds do not cover the cost of repairs.

How Does It Work?

A public adjuster works on a contingent fee. The public adjuster is awarded a portion of the settlement and will only receive money if the insured receives repair funds. The fee will vary depending of the loss. Typically, the smaller the loss, the larger the fee. All communication from the insurance company will be received by the public adjuster. The insured doesn't have to worry about filing the claim or presenting the loss, a public adjuster will expedite the whole process. Once the AAA Public Adjuster in Wilmington, North Carolina scopes the loss, they will meet at the insured's property to negotiate for the largest settlement. Studies have shown on average; a public adjuster will increase the insurance settlements by 30%.

After a loss, consult with AAA Public Adjusters and schedule a free consultation. Call toll free 800-410-5054 or visit their website at

About AAA Public Adjusters
AAA Public Adjusters, LLC, is a property loss consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Additional offices are located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina. AAA Public Adjuster have been fighting insurance companies for over 25 years. AAA Public Adjusters, Maximizing Your Claim!