Aaron Colfer's Unique Creation SeedPod Receives Excellent Response from MindBlower Crowdfunding Platform

SeedPod promises to be the easiest way to grow delicious vegetables at home by saving the seeds without any hassle whatsoever. An invention by Aaron Colfer, SeedPod has already raised over $77,000 via MindBlower.


Bristol, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2017 --Everyone loves to grow their own plants and vegetables. However, the process of sourcing the seeds and saving them can be extremely complicated. Aaron Colfer, an enterprising industrial design student, claims that his invention SeedPod will make saving seeds easy, efficient, and fun like never before.

Using SeedPod involves the following simple steps

- Cleaning the seeds and placing them into the pod for a week

- Once the color of the pod's indicator changes, users are required to flip the breather component.

- SeedPod can now be placed in the fridge for as long as required.

Aaron strongly believes that SeedPod will bring an end to the days of using paper envelopes, handmade labels, and over-moisturised seeds. In addition to its ease of use and beautiful design, SeedPod also saves space and provides an excellent storage option for long durations.

Applauding Aaron's effort, Richard Smith from Kew Millennium Seed Bank stated, "It think its elegant and very attractive, and you've come up with a very well engineered suite of solutions to the various design problems associated with drying and sealing, etc."

With an ambition to make the world a greener place, Aaron has invested a lot of time and effort to get SeedPod to the hands of the people that need a product like this. His recently launched crowdfunding campaign via MindBlower has already surpassed the funding goal by a long way. Starting with a goal of $1,250, the project has already raised over $77,000 with more than two weeks still remaining.

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About SeedPod
Developed by Aaron Colfer, SeedPod is the new way to save seeds that looks to make the entire process easy, efficient and fun. This upcoming product has already received a groundbreaking response from the crowdfunding platform MindBlower.

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