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Aberstar Fast Freight's 'Uber-Like' Business Model Is Just One of the Reasons You Need Them to Be Your Expedited Cross-Border Shipping Solutions Provider

Reach, efficiency and superior customer service seem to be the guiding principals that helped Aberstar Fast Freight Ltd. to succeed in a very competitive marketplace


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2015 --"We have experienced a massive growth in the expedited division during the last couple of years", explains Mike Rogers, the youthful and energetic General Manager of Aberstar Fast Freight. "It all happened gradually, and in a very organic fashion. We were mainly responding to expediency requests by our LTL clients, and that evolved into the current operational model. Our goal is to ensure that our shippers are pleased with our services. Achieving a higher rate of customer satisfaction has always been our mantra."

Prior to the current expansion as a lead expedited freight company, the Aberstar team was already winning awards as an LTL freight runner. As Mike puts it, "It isn't hard to make the shift from LTL to expedited. Someone simply needed to step in and prevent that supply chain from snapping. We're truly honoured to be selected for this challenge.

Aberstar Offers Cost-Effective, On-Time Deliveries.

When asked about the extra value that Aberstar Expedite provides, Mike had this to say. "Most of our clients have particular requests due to time constraints, in addition to their product-specific requirements. For example, a client may need us to ship their trade show lighting and fixtures. Not only do they want the shipment on time, they may also want all dunnage removed so they may start installation in earnest. We work very hard to provide our clients with optimum service that is time-definite, product-specific and cost effective. It is an everyday challenge, one that definitely makes my job an exciting one!"

Commenting on the current growth Aberstar Expedited is enjoying, Mike explained, "We also don't nickel and dime our customer. We try not to charge our customers for waiting time or driver assists, unless they're excessive. We train our drivers to be aware of these issues so that we are all able to work together and help the clients to be successful. In return we take on more loads and our driving force becomes more successful as well."

Owner-Operators are the Driving Force Behind Aberstar's Success

The Aberstar Team has developed a successful selection process in order to qualify potential owner-operator partners. After qualification, the candidates go through a road training program and participate in basic business acumen sessions. "Only a few years back, we were very proud to be an asset-based business, and we still run our own vehicles very successfully. But now, with such high demand, it can be a challenge to provide enough drivers to cover all our service lanes. Having a well-trained entrepreneurial driving force is extremely beneficial to our organization, as well as to the shippers. Mike explains why this is so important."They're conveniently spread out across our service lane, which expands our reach and strengthens our efficiency. That, in return saves our clients a good deal of money."

The training package the Abertsar team offers to new recruits is part of the winning equation. "The training package for all our drivers and owner-operators is in no way a guarantee for success, but they're certainly more likely to excel with proper qualification and training than without it. That is why we emphasize the importance of going through this regimen, especially when it involves border-crossing."

Aberstar Customs Clearance Division Boasts Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

All of that knowledge is employed to effectively ensure that customer shipments flow swiftly through the border and that waiting time charges are minimized. "We know this is what our expedited clients expect and that is exactly what we provide", added Mike.

When we asked Mike to describe his job, he laughed and said "I'm not sure how to word it, but we have a mechanical truck, a human driver, a cross-border client who wants his product yesterday…and that makes for a rather exciting and fluid situation, don't you agree? It can be challenging at times, but it really all comes down to experience…having a set of skills and the right finishing touch. However you label it, at the end of the deal, day in and day out, we follow through until the job is done, and we always make sure it is done right. If issues arise that are out of our control, the customer is notified instantaneously, so that they can keep their own clients updated". For Mike there is no question. "We will be on it till the freight is safely where it needs to be."

At the moment Aberstar Expedited Services is seeking qualified owner-operators to fill positions for an ever-growing demand for reliable expedited drivers.

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