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Access Elevator Answers Questions About LU/LA Elevators


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2021 --Access Elevator answers questions about LU/LA elevators. Serving Canandaigua, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Jamestown New York. We also have coverage in Erie and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the surrounding areas, and even Morgantown, WV! Since 1969, Access Elevators has the experience and knowledge needed to educate the public on LU/LA elevator solutions.

- What does LU/LA stand for?

LU/LA refers to limited use/limited application elevators. Characterized by automatic self-leveling, LU/LA elevators are a safe mobility solution ideal for limited use.

- How many feet can LU/LA elevators travel?

LU/LA elevators are ideal for elevations of 25 Feet. They can travel up to 50 feet in some jurisdictions with a derated capacity, and they can accommodate up to 6 stops.

- Are LU/LA elevators ideal for residential use?

Yes! These elevators make a great choice for individuals searching for a residential elevator with a traditional elevator look and feel. By eliminating the burden of stairs, residents with limited mobility can age-in-place , along with their pets, and move up and down levels of their homes with ease.

- Are LU/LA elevators ideal for commercial use?

Yes. LU/LA elevators make a good addition to businesses and institutions. LULA elevators can bring an existing building or new construction project up to code for ADA Compliancy.

- What is the best brand of LU/LA elevator?

Symmetry is regarded for its shallow pit depths, energy-saving features, and fully customizable options-- it the best manufacturer for LU/LA elevators, according to Access Elevator.

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